Jean-Luc Nancy(1)
Nazan Ustundag (2)

Rolando Vazquez Melken
Nika Dubrovsky
David Graeber
Jaspal Singh (3)
Silvia Federici
Marcela Olivera
Hardeep Mann
Suely Rolnik (3,4)

Sarah Lewison
Havin Guneser (5)
David Harvey (6)
Michael Taussig (7)
Annie Chambers (8)
Goksun Yazici (9)
Haig Aivazian (9)

Vinciane Despret (10)

Tonika Sealy-Thompson Stefano Harney (11)
Laura Harris (12)

Fred Moten (12)
Manolo Callahan(12)
...and Friends

From First Assembling:

A test in this case infers the question of how we may assemble in an interesting manner. We don’t know, but we would like to ask all who do join to try and help create a different kind of space which we may not have experienced before through such mediums of disembodiment. We will offer some basic suggestions as we go along and also have moments to discuss and change whatever we think needs to be changed. But basically, we are not interested in creating a consumptive situation rather a communal one.




Organized by 16 Beaver Group ...AND Centre Parrhesia ...AND the Society of the Friends of the Virus ...AND the Friends to Come

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mai [at] 16beavergroup.org


"We have put this day together without wanting to produce work for anyone. It should be something enjoyable and a chance to think together in times that certainly warrant thinking,

And everyone who is generously taking part does so with a fair degree of caution as we are also living through times that merit quite a bit of consideration of matters that we cannot each individually have a grasp of. Hence our idea of trying to assemble and assemble some notes for consideration.

By collectively putting in common our perspectives, there may yet emerge more sense in this process we are living through.

In a shared physical space, we could do certain things that we cannot do now. But the chance to move over continents together and make contact, even if remotely to friends may give us, in this moment, also a kind of extra-sensibility.

We have not fixed rigidly the schedule of guest contributors, but we have a general plan for the movements of the day."







Jean-Luc Nancy and Friends


Nazan Ustundag, Rolando Vazquez Melken, Nika Dubrovsky, David Graeber and Friends


Jaspal Singh, Silvia Federici, Marcela Olivera, Hardeep Mann, Suely Rolnik and Friends


Sarah Lewison and Suely Rolnik and Friends MOVEMENT 4



"We are all being or going to be called into processes which will
establish, shape a 'new normal', to 'return', to go 'back to work',
'back to school', etc.: trying to create a space of thinking together in
this moment is also searching for the terms to struggle within the
cuts/ruptures the virus opens and understand what these fissures may
mean and how they may affect the way we reimagine the politics and the
necessary shifts in sense-abilities to come.."

5,1 Postscript to Movement I-IV

"Each of us prepares a question or two, a point or two, related to last Sunday’s meeting, something that was brought up, that resonates, needs attention and thinking. To make this assembling useful and our meeting meaningful, we encourage everyone to try to link their questions and associated points or elaborations to issues raised in the first series of conversations. We are trying to build a process of thinking and questioning together and avoid the institutionalized approaches which foreclose any possibility to develop collectively a critical space for thought, action, and organization in whatever form that may take."


How to think this moment through situated struggles which reflect on broader limits in political imaginaries. For this movement, we are joined by Havin Guneser who attempts to situate our relation to the virus and the pandemic through the longer arch of the struggles for autonomy in the Kurdish communities, especially in Northern Syria and Rojava.

5,1 Postscript to Movement I-IV

5,2 with Havin Guneser and Friends






"We feel it important to say that according to reports we have read, over the last two months, in New York City alone, more than 24,000 people have lost their lives above what would be expected from prior years. We can normalize these deaths as victims of a natural phenomenon called a virus, or we can begin to build up collectively a sense of the gravity of this moment to better understand the politics/shifts it asks of us.

As the Society of the Friends of the Virus texts have attempted to find a way of exploring potential horizons of the struggles implicated by these experiences, attempting also to not isolate them, these conversations are an attempt to build up in a more dialogical manner other potential lines of thought and to resist the coming normalization.

Clearly, our objective is not to accept further state or corporate control and surveillance over our lives. So, as we wrote last week, what shape this "new normal" takes requires in every way serious conversations within our various communities of struggle to understand what it is we are struggling for and how it is that we may allow these experiences to alter, inform and intensify our distancing measures from such control/dependency."

David Harvey, Suely Rolnik and Friend MOVEMENT 6
MOVEMENT VII Michael Taussig and Friends MOVEMENT 7

MOVEMENT VIII Annie Chambers and Friends MOVEMENT 8

MOVEMENT XII Laura Harris, Fred Moten, Manolo Callahan, Stefano Harney and Friends MOVEMENT 12


Ten or So Points for Consideration

We would like to invite a group of friends, comrades, thinkers who have been committed in different ways to struggles for justice to contribute to an online convening/assembling that we attempt to put together relating to the outbreak of the virus and the various shifts, openings, and points of consideration it may present for the way politics are conducted and life lived, reimagined.

These points can come out of direct and immediate concerns within specific contexts or struggles and they may be points that are based on a wider field of analysis drawing on experiences from different times and places which may be pertinent for better grasping the forces at play.

Our proposal is to organize a meeting online, using in the most ideal case a grassroots media initiative to stream this meeting live to all participants. We have been doing some tests and will adjust which platform we use according to what we are able.

The first step would just ask you to let us know if you would be able to join us on Sunday May 3. And to prepare these points and then you could elaborate them. We anticipate that each invited guest can take approximately 10-30 minutes and we can give another 10-20 minutes for questions.

In effect, they will be short talks/interventions in thought held online with a possibility for questions, elaboration, discussion.

Moreover, we hope that upon sharing these points, we can gather them for publishing online subsequently with a wider public, along with any documentation we generate either through recorded video and/or audio to distribute online. For those of you who may not be able to join us on the Sunday, we will still be happy to collect these points and to share them in the final dissemination of the texts.. 

In the spirit of our worlds-already-in-contact, we would like to invite you to an experiment in assembling, a gathering, an anchoring, an encounter of/with friends – old, new and yet to come. We are hoping to be able to continue to think and experiment together through the complexities and potencies of this moment we are living.

A group of friends involved in the space thought it could be interesting/felt it necessary/ to give ourselves the opportunity of formulating some points, questions, ideas, notes, reflections that require careful consideration in this moment. These can be based on and relate to our lived experiences, things we have been studying, things which this moment and the virus make more clear.

As way of initiating this process, we have invited some guests to share some of their points for consideration this Sunday, May 3rd, in a meeting online.

We have to add that we have had to overcome a certain reluctance to calling for a meeting online, in a moment in which the abstraction and the extraction not to mention the surveillance that the internet entails is rampantly growing.

We will do our best to make the meeting meaningful and find some ways to counteract the disembodiment, the productivism, and the bureaucratic generalization that many online platforms seem to have embedded in their own design and way of functioning.