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2 Super Easy Butt Lift Exercises for Women

Nice butt gives definition to a woman’s shape especially when she’s wearing a tight fitting jeans or sexy swimwear. Every woman wants a Jennifer Lopez behind. Working on your gluteus or buttock muscles is the key. It won’t take you just a week but months of hard work, so get yourself ready for the quest. If you want amazing results, do it daily with intense contraction and appropriate execution. You can increase the number of repetitions along the way. You can use either a chair or a door knob in this one to balance yourself while lifting your leg behind you. You don’t need to be going to the gym to do this one. By grasping on to the tip of the chair or knob of the door, you can lift one leg and hold on for as long as you can. Gradually, bring your leg to the side without losing your balance. Squeeze your backside as you shift sides. As you lift and shift sides, you will sense the burn on your butt. Do 16 sets of each leg.Beach Dress If you want it to be more intense, you can place a rubberized rope around your ankle and attach it a hard object. A heavy exercise ball isn’t just used for crunches. It is also a very helpful tool to support you with your butt lifting stint. Aside from the Balancing Act, you can supplement this approach so that you will have quicker results in a matter of time. Place your feet on top of the ball with your heels on the edge. Spread your legs quite widely leveling with your hips. Make sure your hips are pushed down into the ball. To gain stability of your ball and avoid it from moving, you can place it against the wall. Start lifting your butt but your body should remain aligned. Execute it slowly making sure that you feel the burn in your behind. Squeeze your booty and lift it up and down to feel the contraction in your buttock muscles. Spin the fitness ball toward your butt by curling your legs in, and repeat the lifts. Remember that it takes focus, determination and consistency to exercise in order to achieve best results.

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