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1 laser tag this weekend

The population of the Omaha metro area has shown strong growth in the past half decade and has reached 915,312. This means we could see up to 47 votes cast in the next MUD board election.

The Omaha metro area gained about 50,000 people the first half of the decade. At the present rate of growth, by 2030 you’ll have to arrive at Memorial Park in mid March to find a place to sit to see Loverboy at the Bank of the West Celebrates America concert.

It was windy in Omaha again on Thursday. Someone needs to do a study to see if me placing my garbage cans at the curb on Thursday mornings triggers an atmospheric reaction that produces wind.cheapnfljerseypaypal
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There is $1 laser tag this weekend in Omaha. I’m just glad we haven’t abandoned the traditional Easter traditions.

The OPS superintendent could earn a performance bonus if he achieves a series of goals. For example, closing schools due to snow flurries less than 30 times in a school year . no?

A member of the Learning Community Coordinating Council, Tonya Ward, is running as a write in candidate for Nebraska Legislature after she missed the deadline for filing. So far she sounds perfect.

The Houston Rockets have a new way to distract free throw shooters a green man coming out of a recycling can. At first I thought this was a demonstration of the new Omaha waste collection proposal.

There’s a proposal in Dubai for a new sports arena built underwater so fans can watch fish swimming overhead. I’m just glad Ralston officials didn’t think of this one.

Nebraska Gov. Pete “Eye of the Beholder” Ricketts called the new Nebraska license plate design “beautiful.”

Some are praising the “minimalist” design of the new Nebraska license plates depicting a sower spreading his seeds. Well, it does sort of remind me of a can of off brand green beans you’d find at the store.

About the license plate design: If it were up to me, the new outdoor shooting range northwest of Omaha would have a bunch of new targets.

In Omaha, 50th Street between Hamilton Street and Seward Street is closed for three months for sewer work. Let me translate city traffic engineer into English. “Three months” means the street will hopefully reopen in a millennium and a half.

Probably during end times the street will reopen.

It doesn’t really matter if the street reopens or not, because by the time it’s ready we’ll be in self driving vehicles that fly.

Earlier this week Ted Cruz called DonaldTrump a “coward” after a tweet from Trump about Cruz’s wife. Take that all you Pollyannas who said the 2016 campaign couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Plans for the Washington Redskins’ new stadium include a moat. You thought throwback jerseys were something. Now we’re taking stadium plans from medieval times.

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