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The issue here is that Amanda Bynes is using her Twitter audience like a megaphone and going AWOL, aka Lindsey Lohan. She feeding herself to the fire. Actors have some understanding that their line of business involves self promotion that leads to more roles and money the greater their celebrity and box office pull grows.

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That is why, with comparatively few exceptions, most things taste bad because they do bad things to us. And this is why it’s so important to note that the shepherd’s pie I bought in Cork in 2008 did not simply taste bad. It tasted like.. JWT decided to create a television commercial that symbolised gutsy cricket, which was true to the game and resonant of India’s attachment to the game. And this was evident in the TVC (show link), which had a few young cricketers trapped in a jam in a crowded Mumbai street. One of them climbs on to the roof of the bus, only to be joined by his teammate, who gestures to him to bowl.

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