vikings expect wildcats’ best

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If rap rock makes a dreaded return, thank these guys. Drummer Josh Dun and singer Tyler Joseph have all they can handle to fill their set with cheap time wasting tactics. But they’re riding a wave that has quickly carried them from small clubs to large halls.

In fact, I have. Not relative to Orlando Bosch, but to Cuban policy in general. 50 years of a crap Cuban policy that almost got us blown off the face of the earth simply to pander to the Cubans (Batistas? No Boy Scouts in that bunch.) who left the island.

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BROWNS QB WOES: So, now what? Hogan joins Robert Griffin III, Josh McCown, Kessler, Charlie Whitehurst and Terrelle Pryor as Cleveland’s quarterbacks through the first seven games. Jackson said there’s a chance McCown could be available for a home game against the Jets next week despite a sore left shoulder. There’s no telling Kessler’s fate with the concussion.

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