The legacy of Mardi Gras stretches back to 1857

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February is winding down Replica Hermes, and it’s nearly time for New Orleans to revive its most famous annual tradition. The legacy of Mardi Gras stretches back to 1857 Replica Hermes, and since then, some 1,800 parades have brought the party outdoors onto the streets of the Big Easy, attracting roughly one million visitors to the city for the festivities every year. But what is the exact nature of this festival, and how best can you enjoy it? We checked in with a couple of the most informed Mardi Gras sources Arthur Hardy, publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide, and Kelly Schulz, VP of Communications and PR, New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau and built you this primer read on the make the most of your Carnival trip and click through to our New Orleans guides to start planning your trip.

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