“You are buying an instant lifestyle

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Replica Prada Bags Some are so smitten with a seller’s taste or custom furnishings that they want the whole package.Although the trend is popping up in other wealthy pockets nationwide, it’s gaining traction in Los Angeles circles in which style and convenience trump expense.”You are buying an instant lifestyle,” said Mauricio Umansky, a listing agent with the Agency Cheap Prada Bags0, a real estate brokerage in Beverly Hills.Panoramic views from Hollywood Hills WestLuxury home buyers expect a loaded home’s contents to be in keeping with the asking price. A $36 million home for sale in Beverly Hills features a putting green with stunning city views as well as a $300 putter for the new owner to get in some practice strokes.The builder hired designer Michael Palumbo to deck out the 11,000 square foot contemporary with Italian furniture and high end appliances. A $70,000 custom built glass pocket door slides open with a “whoosh” to reveal a glamorous powder room stocked with hand towels, a plush chair and a contemporary end table Replica Prada Bags.

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