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Last spring en route to Mount Everest, Hilaree O’Neill, a ski mountaineer from Colorado who was part of our 2012 Everest expedition, trekked the same valleys and worked up to Base Camp just as Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did 60 years ago when the duo claimed the first ascent. But on the mountain, fortunately, O’Neill did not use the antiquated gear think woolen suits and wood handled ice axes that Hillary hauled. In this gallery, we take a look at the equipment Hillary and Norgay used in 1953 and the high tech gear O’Neill will use to climb the world’s tallest peak in 2012.1953: Aviator style goggles with darkened glass lenses protected Hillary and Tenzing from UV rays and snow blindness. A head strap and lens gaskets kept the goggles tight on the face.

2012: Made for the bright, white environment of high peaks, Smith Optics’ I/O Interchangeable Polarized Goggles (above) will shield O’Neill from the unforgiving sun.Canada Goose Parka A quick release system will let her swap out lenses as light conditions change. A “rim less” design increases field of vision, while anti fog coatings and vents will help keep her vision clear.

1953: Hillary’s expedition used at least two types of boots, including a custom high altitude model made by The British Boot, Shoe Allied Trade Research Association of Kettering, England. They were lightweight for their day and had insulating material sandwiched inside a waterproof “envelope” to preserve insulation loft.

2012: Tough, breathable Cordura outers, heat reflective aluminum, closed cell foam insulation, and a waterproof zipper make Scarpa’s Phantom 8000 boots (above) popular on high peaks. They are light, totally weatherproof, and have a custom fit. The double boot system will allow O’Neill to remove the bulky outers after each day’s ascent to chill out in camp wearing just the lightweight inner booties.

1953: A thin, windproof, military derivative “cotton wrap, nylon weft” suit was Hillary’s defense against Everest’s fierce gales.

2012: Gore Windstopper shell fabric, airy 800 fill goose down, an internal down collar, an articulating “snorkel hood,” and a dozen other features make The North Face’s Himalayan Suit (above) a common outfit on the world’s tallest peaks. The suit provides warmth and protection, though it’s designed for active climbing with cuts that do not inhibit movement going up past the clouds.

1953: Hillary wore “long underwear” made by Duofold. The synthetic top and bottom, which wicked sweat better than natural fibers, were a revolution at a time when cotton or coarse wool were the order of the day.

2012: O’Neill is wearing base layers of a new fabric called FlashDry (above), introduced this year by The North Face. FlashDry is a technology that embeds microporous particles touted to dissipate moisture (that is, sweat) better than wool or traditional polypro. The FlashDry particles increase the surface area that moisture sits on to allow it to spread out and evaporate quicker.

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