For example, you’ll either leave the lane departure warning on

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5. Scheduling Meetings. Avoid (or minimize) scheduling meetings and events during Mercury retrograde, because you’re more likely to experience confusion, mistakes and cancellations. The large dial in the centre of the instrument binnacle will slide sideways to reveal another screen that controls some of the vehicle settings and provides more driving data. It’s a neat touch and a bit of showmanship, but sadly the rest of the interior is something of a mixed bag.The Takumi craftsmanship is evident throughout the cabin Cheap Celine, none more so than on the sweeping door panels with what appears like a floating handle a minimalist delight.Sadly the dash and steering wheel are an ergonomic mess with buttons littered about like popcorn on a cinema floor. For example, you’ll either leave the lane departure warning on or, more likely, off so why stick a button controlling it on the steering wheel?And the horns sticking out of the instrument binnacle with controls for the driving modes on one side and the traction control on the other look like the designers forgot to include a few more buttons elsewhere.

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