Prince Amukamara mock Eagles’ zero Super Bowl wins

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Giants cornerback Dominique Rodgers Cromartie didn’t need to give the Eagles fans any more reason to root against him this Sunday, but he did that anyway on Tuesday night. While at an autograph signing with fellow cornerback Prince Amukamara, the two players were asked to pose for a photo with the Giants fan known as License Plate Guy.The fan donned a Eagles jersey with the name “Superbowls” and the No. 0, an obvious shot at the fact that Philly still hasn’t claimed a Lombardi Trophy, and Rodgers Cromartie and Amukamara made zeros with their hands. The photo was later tweeted out, and that left the two Giants apologizing profusely on Wednesday.”We were just two guys taking a picture. We didn’t think nothing of it,” said Rodgers Cromartie, who also tweeted an apology. “Definitely not being disrespectful towards anybody. Just meeting the requirements of a fan. He wanted us to take a picture, and we took it.”Not that the explanations made the incident any better. Amukamara said Tom Coughlin was not happy about the two defensive backs giving the Eagles “bulletin board material,” and that he asked for an explanation.”Coach Coughlin’s all about, ‘Talk is cheap, play the game,'” Amukamara said. “He felt like we were talking, so we just had to explain ourselves.”Rodgers Cromartie found himself explaining things to more than Coughlin. He spent the 2011 and 2012 seasons with the Eagles, and said that the moment the offending photo hit Twitter, several old friends in Philly called him out. One of his former Eagles teammates, LeSean McCoy, admitted that the entire joke had some truth to it.”We don’t have any Super Bowls, so I don’t know what to say,” McCoy said.Not that Rodgers Cromartie meant to talk trash. After all, he said, despite two visits to the big game one as a member of the Arizona Cardinals and one with last year’s Broncos he hasn’t won a Super Bowl, either.”Not coming from my standpoint, because I ain’t got no Super Bowls either,” he said. “But I can understand why they’d take it that way.”The Eagles made sure to point that out.”It was funny to me, but it was funny because of who was back there,” linebacker Brandon Graham said. “Cromartie been there twice and didn’t win one. So he ain’t got none either.”Rodgers Cromartie is working hard to try to change that this season, with the Giants, his fourth NFL team. wholesale jerseys The veteran, who is battling through a nagging iliotibial band injury that he says he can play through, has searched for a steady squad for most of his career, and he said he “definitely” feels like he could end his career in East Rutherford. He admitted that his two years in Philly were “a bad time,” because he was traded to Eagles and because of all those “Dream Team” comments that came back to haunt them.

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