A Dirty Secret – with Author Heather Rogers and Freegan Adam Weissman

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Date/Time: 28/04/2007 12:00 am

At the The Change You Want to See
People were pretending that the world wasn’t really happening. It was an
escapism that I resented. There was a garbage strike going on and there was
trash piled 10ft high…wear the garbage bag for god’s sake and then you are
dealing with it. That’s what I would be doing, I would wrap myself in trash.
–Johnny Rotten, referring to the birth of the Sex Pistols
The Change You Want to See presents author/filmmaker Heather Rogers and
Freegan activist Adam Weissman this Wednesday for a film screening and
discussion about the world of trash. As new products are produced, the old,
the used and discarded are whisked away into an invisible world. The
solutions society poses aim to distance us from this world, perpetuating the
problem. This evening’s presenters will interrupt this cycle by introducing
us to capitalism’s dirty secret.
Catering courtesy of the Freegans and the dumpsters of our fair city.
Wednesday, April 28, 7:30pm http://www.thechangeyouwanttosee.org 84
Havemeyer Street, storefront at Metropolitan Avenue Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11211 917-202-5479 or 646-221-7845 Directions at http://www.hopstop.com
About the Film Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage (19 minutes, 2002)
explores the history and politics of household garbage in the US. With only
five percent of the global population, the US consumes more than a quarter
of the planet’s resources and produces a disproportionately large amount of
its wastes. To investigate the roots of today’s normalized disposability,
this film uncovers the links between modern industrial production and mass
consumerism, and the stories our culture tells about both.
Heather Rogers is a journalist and filmmaker based in Brooklyn, New York.
Named an Editor’s Choice by the New York Times Book Review and a nonfiction
choice by The Guardian, her book Gone Tomorrow: The Hidden Life of Garbage
(The New Press, 2005), looks at the history and politics of household
garbage in the US. Her documentary film, also titled Gone Tomorrow (2002),
screened in festivals around the globe. Her writing has appeared in
publications including The Nation, Socialist Register, Utne Reader,
Architecture Magazine, Z Magazine, Punk Planet and the Brooklyn Rail.
About Freegans Often misunderstood to mean simply dumpster diving for food,
freeganism is a holistic philosophy and way of living based on deliberate
non-participation in the capitalist economy through labor or spending.
Freegan.info works to promote, explain and build community around freegan
living through our website, global email discussion list, zine and other
publications, speaking events like our bimonthly Freegan Forum, weekly trash
tours (walking tours exploring the waste of retails stores and recovering
needlessly discarded usable goods), monthly Freegan Feasts (community meals
using recovered foods), information booths, and by providing food to radical
community events and to hungry people
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