An Open Interview and Launch (16B + FUSE Magazine)

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Date/Time: 07/06/2003 12:00 am

An Open Interview and Launch (16B + FUSE Magazine)
Saturday June 7, 8 PM
At 16 Beaver, New York
(directions below)
Between February 18 and 21, 2002, what started as an interview of 16
Beaver Group by Fuse Magazine, became a series of questions, an open
interview, sent to people we know with the following instructions:
Answer this question. Send another question (to anyone). Have lunch (with
us, in Toronto or New York).
This attempt to disrupt the I/You (or We) structure of the conventional
interview, to reflect the multiple, ever-changing, unruly and indecisive
voices (You-I, We-They, She-He, We-We…) of ‘the collective’ is printed,
shrink wrapped and randomly piled on the cover of the spring issue of FUSE
Come, celebrate, question, answer, sort, pile, play, build, drink,
collaborate, commune, work…with us.

Questions? Ask us