Bateson Symposium — Art, Circuitry, and Ecology

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Date/Time: 20/11/2004 12:00 am

Art, Circuitry, and Ecology
Honoring Gregory Bateson
A companion event to the Multiple Versions of the World conference at the University of California at Berkeley, Lawrence Hall of Science, http://www.batesonconference.org
Saturday, November 20th, 2004, 10am-6pm, at the CUNY Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue at 34th Street
Gregory Bateson, author of Steps to an Ecology of Mind, was a seminal thinker of the twentieth century. Working across disciplines, including biology, psychology, anthropology, and ecology, he participated in the conferences that spawned the science of communications and control known as cybernetics. In his writings, Bateson used cybernetic thinking to address a range of topics including alcoholism, family dynamics, schizophrenia, technology, peacemaking, learning, and art. As a part of the bi-coastal Bateson centennial conference, we will explore the interplay between Bateson’s ideas about art and the realities of artmaking today. We will re-examine ideas such as “relational aesthetics”, “environment” and “ecology”, by way of Bateson’s emphasis on context, relationship, pattern and communication. Gregory Bateson thought art could be a shortcut to ecological sanity. The New York City chapter of this Bateson centennial conference will explore this notion of art in depth. We will hear from artists whose work has been directly influenced by Bateson, and from artists whose work has not been explicitly influenced by Bateson, but whose engagement with whole systems, circuitry, communication, organization and ecology, overlaps Bateson’s work.
? Presentations by Betty Beaumont, Frank Gillette, Paul Ryan and Charles Stein
? Virtual presentations by Mary Catherine Bateson, Carol Wilder and Peter Harries-Jones*
? Displays by Rainer Ganahl, Jennifer Dalton, Anne-Katrin Spiess, and FICTIVE collective
? Workshops with The Center for Tactical Magic, Nsumi collective, Andrew Lynn, Ayreen Anastas and Rene
Gabri from 16Beaver, and others
? Panel Discussion, Multiplicity, Aesthesis and the Social
Plus surprise guests. Full schedule on second page.
James Andrews, NYC event producer. Sevanne Kassarjian, MC. Co-sponsored by Hitachi, Media Studies, New School University and Continuing Education & Public Programs, The Graduate Center, CUNY, in cooperation with Gordon Feller
Saturday, November 20th, 10am-6pm $25; $10 students/low-income artists. To secure advance tickets or receive a CUNY catalog contact: 212 817-8215, continuinged@gc.cuny.edu
Art, Circuitry, and Ecology
NYC Event Schedule
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
10:00 (NYC) Opening statements:
Nora Bateson (Gregory Bateson film clips); Sevanne Kassarjian, (MC); James Andrews (event producer)
10:25 (NYC) Frank Gillette, artist
*Presentation, Natural Selection and Aesthetic Judgment
11:05 (NYC) Paul Ryan, artist, creator, Earthscore Notation System
*Presentation, Bateson and Janson: The Relational Circuit and Art History
( 30 min. Break )
12:15 (California) Mary Catherine Bateson, Ph.D., President of Institute for Intercultural Studies (New York), author, with Gregory Bateson, “Angels Fear: Towards an Epistemology of the Sacred”, and “Composing a Life”, and Jay Ogilvy, Ph.D. Co-founder, Global Business Network (California) author, “Creating Better Futures” and “Many Dimensional Man”
*Two Presentations, Bateson at One Hundred: What it Means – Two Perspectives — followed by Q&A
1:00 (California) Carol Wilder, Ph.D., Assoc. Dean and Chair, Dept. of Communication, New School University (New York), co-editor, with John H. Weakland, “Rigor & Imagination: Essays from the Legacy of Gregory Bateson”
*Special Feature, the world premiere of Carol Wilder’s film tribute to Gregory Bateson, Bateson at Asilomar in 1979, followed by a presentation and Q&A
( 30 min. Break )
2:00 (California) Peter Harries-Jones, Ph.D., Prof. of Anthropology (Emeritus), York University (Ontario), author, “A Recursive Vision: Ecological Understanding and Gregory Bateson”
*Presentation, Understanding Consciousness in Biology: Bateson’s Challenge to Humans, followed by Q&A
2:30 (NYC) Betty Beaumont, artist
*Presentation, The Integration of Disciplines and Ideas
3:00 (NYC) Panel Discussion, Multiplicity, Aesthesis and the Social
With Betty Beaumont, Frank Gillette, Aaron Gatch, and Alan Moore
3:45 (NYC) Charles Stein, Reading
4:00 (NYC) Open Workshop, Threeing and Relational Aesthetics
Co-facilitated by Paul Ryan, Ayreen Anastas and Rene Gabri from 16 Beaver, and Sevanne Kassarjian
5:00 (NYC) Open Workshop, Emerging Art Worlds
Co-facilitated by Nsumi collective, Andrew Lynn and The Center for Tactical Magic

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