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Date/Time: 17/04/2004 12:00 am

17 April – 6 June 2004
Opening reception : Saturday 17 April 2004, 3:30 pm to 6:30pm
Tiegemstraat 6,
B – 8553 Otegem, Belgium.
Ph +32 (0)56.644893
Fax +32.(0)56.647685
E-mail : deweer@artsite.be
> Press Release
It is with great pleasure that we hereby inform you about a new exhibition
at Deweer Art Gallery. On Saturday 17 April 2004 we will inaugurate the
one-man show ŒMATTHIEU LAURETTE – COMMODITIES1. It will be Matthieu
Laurette1s first one-man show at a European private gallery outside France.
The artist was born in 1970 in Villeneuve St. Georges and he lives and works
in Paris. Deweer Art Gallery is delighted to be able to add a new, young
French artist to its program.
Matthieu Laurette attracted international attention with his contribution to
ŒPlatea dell1umanita1, the exhibition curated by Harald Szeemann at the 2001
Venice Biennale. A variation of the large-scale installation entitled
ŒMoneyback Life! (Mobile Information Stand for Moneyback Products)1, which
was shown there at the Corderia of the Arsenale, will be the main work in
the selection of ten which Matthieu Laurette has made for his first show in
It is extremely difficult to summarise the work of Matthieu Laurette in a
few words. An essential characteristic would seem to be his questioning of
the place of the artist in society and specifically in society as it is
presented to us in the media.
By way of introduction, here are a few lines from the catalogue of the
Venice Biennale that give a good idea of the where the work of Matthieu
Laurette is to be situated:
‘By turning the laws of marketing and the mass media to his advantage,
Matthieu Laurette incorporates his work within a strategy of infiltration
and redistribution. In 1993, he established his artistic birth certificate
by taking part in a TV game called Tournez manège (The Dating Game) where
the female presenter asked him who he was, to which he replied: 3A
multimedia artist2. Since then he has been using TV as both a work-place and
a work-tool, by instrumentalizing the ability of this medium to bring
together not only means of production and broadcasting, but an audience to
boot. In an initial phase, by assuming the status of passive viewer, which
is offered to all citizens by the spectacle system, he took his place among
the audience in a whole host of TV shows, putting together a series of
Apparitions/Appearances?ready-made images which owed as much to Duchamp1s
idea of rendezvous as they did to Warhol1s fifteen minutes of fame.2
(Freely adapted from Pascal Beausse, ŒMatthieu Laurette1, La 49. Biennale di
Venezia, Platea dell1Umanita, Electa, 2001, p. 264-265).
Evelyne Leclerc: What exactly would you like to be later?
Matthieu Laurette: An artist.
E.L.: An artist! Right. But what exactly? A painter? A sculptor?
M.L.: A multimedia artist.
E.L.: Multimedia, well answered!
(Extract from the show Tournez Manège, TF1, 16 March 1993.)
In recent years, Matthieu Laurette has showed his work in many international
galleries and museums, including the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York,
the ICA in London, the MAMCO-Musée d1Art Moderne et Contemporain in Geneva,
the Centre Pompidou, the Musée d1Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, the
Palais de Tokyo in Paris and the Deichtorhallen in Hamburg.
Matthieu Laurette has chosen to select a range of different Œthings1 to show
at his first exhibition in Belgium. He wanted to present an ensemble of
works that are rooted in the reality of the contemporary economy and that
are aimed at questioning the value of commodities. Works that answer one
another, that are directly connected with everyday reality and that question
the media and the process of Œmédiatisation1 as well as the concepts of
information, the global economy, money, commerce, travel, the status and the
role of the artist, his connections and his influencesS Works that have been
conceived and created through a great many different processes, often
involving Œthird parties1 (the media, graphic designers, waxworks, etc.) The
resulting show includes, for instance, a video wall, a sculpture
representing the artist, a newly-designed carpet, a giant map of the world,
photographs, press cuttings, magazines and posters.
By presenting Matthieu Laurette, Deweer Art Gallery wishes to introduce the
Belgian public to a contemporary, international, young and original artist,
who definitely deserves your attention. We highly recommend that you visit
this show and see for yourself.
The exhibition ŒMATTHIEU LAURETTE – COMMODITIES1 will be held in the large
hall of Deweer Art Gallery. During the exhibition of Matthieu Laurette, we
will be presenting a selection of works by Panamarenko, Johan Tahon, Koen
Vanmechelen and others in our second gallery room on the top floor.
The exhibition ŒMATTHIEU LAURETTE – COMMODITIES1 runs from 17 April up to
and including Sunday 6 June. Closed on Thursday 20 May.
A catalogue will be soon available.
We will be happy to help you in organising an interview with the artist, to
provide you with more information about the work and/or the artist or with
pictures of the works. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Contact : Jo Coucke,
Deweer Art Gallery
Tiegemstraat 6, B – 8553 Otegem, Belgium.
T.: +32.(0)56.644893 / F.: +32.(0)56.647685 / E.: deweer@artsite.be
Matthieu Laurette / Global Demix News #74
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April 20, 2004, Workshop / seminar with Matali Crasset, Edouard François,
Matthieu Laurette, Lacaton & Vassal, Chantal Hamaide.
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