Ben Morea at Calyton Gallery and Outlaw Museum

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Date/Time: 22/08/2005 12:00 am

BEN MOREA, Monday, August 22, 9pm, Clayton Gallery and Outlaw Museum, 161
Essex St. (212) 477-1363.
Now that the Howl Festival is underway, come to a discussion featuring the
msytery man behind the East Village art gang with the unprintable name. Ben
Morea, of the 1960s anarchist collective Up Against the Wall, Motherfucker,
is in town to talk about avant-gardism, bohemia, and radicalism in the Lower
East Side. The event will also feature a screening of “Garbage,” Newsreel’s
14-minute documentary on the Motherfuckers. This is only Ben’s second
public appearance in 35 years, and the event will be moderated by John
McMillian, lecturer in history and literature at Harvard University. While
you’re there, check out the Gallery’s current exhibition: “Wild Boys, Bad
Boys, Outsiders, and Originals.”