Breaking Curfew @ Pioneer Theater

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Date/Time: 19/08/2003 12:00 am

*****3rd I New York Presents********
An encore presentation of
Breaking Curfew: Not your usual desi story…
Featuring an international set of films:
Skin Deep by Yousaf Ali Khan
Hole by Keshni Kashyap
Little India by Mahesh Pailoor
Direct-Direct by Yasmine Kabir, featuring the music of Pothik Nobi
Saanjh, As Night Falls by Sabrina Dhawan,
Out of Status by Sanjna Singh and Pia Sawhney
Beauty Parlor by Mehreen Jabbar
Directors Mahesh Pailoor, Mehreen Jabbar, Sanjna Sawney and Pia Sahwney will be present for Q&A for first show.
Tuesday, August 19, 8pm, 10:15pm. Screening, preceded by:
7-8pm FREE Pizza and Beer Reception! for ticket holders for first show
at Pioneer’s Den of Cin
Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
F to Second Ave., 6 to Bleeker
Tickets: $9 ($6.50 student discount available for second show)
No advanced tickets.
For more info: http://www.thirdi.org
Email: thirdi_ny@yahoo.com
Skin Deep (13 min, UK, 2001) directed by Yousaf Ali Khan, is a harrowing portrayal of internalized racism in which a young South Asian in the UK attempts to disguise himself as a white racist skinhead.
Hole (12 min, United States, 2002) directed by Keshni Kashyap, illustrates the modern day dilemmas of falling in(to) love.
Little India (13 min, US , 2001), directed by Mahesh Pailoor, is the story of one family drifting apart in a new culture, and only a letter from India will save them.
Direct-Direct (6 min, Bangladesh, 2003), directed by Yasmine Kabir and featuring the music of Singer Pothik Nobi (“Prophet of the Road”). Direct-Direct creates a soundscape with colorful views of Dhaka street life.
Saanjh, As Night Falls, (20 min, India, 2000), directed by Sabrina Dhawan, screenwriter of Monsoon Wedding, tells the story of a low-caste mother on a crowded middle-class compartment on an Indian night train. When one of the twin babies dies en route, the horrific effects of a mob mentality become apparent.
Out of Status (3 min trailer, United States, 2003) directed by Sanjna Singh and Pia Sawhney. Carma recounts the day her husband, Akram, an Egyptian national, was taken from their home in Bethlehem, PA by INS agents and put in jail. After Akram’s deportation, their self built business folded, forcing Carma to work part-time without government aid to support their two children, Fatima, 5 years, and Layla, 5 months. Carma has in her possession the INS document approving their marriage. Akram was recently deported.
Beauty Parlor (18 min, Pakistan, 1998), directed by Mehreen Jabbar is a story of three characters who frequent a beauty salon, and their secrets.