BREAKING NEWS at Judson Church

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Date/Time: 09/10/2003 12:00 am

Judson Memorial Church
a new stART event
Is it broken? A new kind of media circus
art * dance * performance * music * animation * video
*special clips from The Daily Show
*a presentation from The Onion
*artwork by Art Speigelman
*a cartoon reading by Tom Tomorrow (This Modern World)
*performance by Zeroboy
*music by Joe McGinty & Nick Danger (Loser’s Lounge)
*animation by Robert Smigel & J.J. Sedelmaier (SNL’s TV Funhouse)
as well as:
Melinda Beck * Jennifer Berklich * Ruben Bolling * John Boone * Damian
Catera * Robbie Conal * Jim Costanzo
Jay Critchley * Anita Di Bianco * DD Dorvillier & Michelle Nagai *
* Missy Galore * Emily Gearhart * Mariam Ghani
* Josh Gosfield * Peter Grzybowski
Peter Kuper * Steve Lambert * Sandra Low * Ulrike Mueller * Barbara Nei
* Pink Punk * Michelle Pred * Ted Rall
Sarina Khan Reddy * David Rees * Michael A. Rippens * Ward Sutton *
Micah Wright * and more!
Thursday, October 9th at 7pm
Additional Gallery Hours: Friday – Sunday, Oct. 10-12, 1-6pm
Admission is FREE
Judson Church
55 Washington Square South (at Thompson St.)
Info: 212-477-0351
stART is an interdisciplinary arts series at Judson that tackles art,
politics and spirituality,
brought to you by Ralph Lewis, Catherine Porter,
Karen Sherman and Ward Sutton

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