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Date/Time: 22/06/2004 12:00 am

Fourth public presentation of Visitas, 6/22 8.00pm,
Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas, Buenos Aires,
Visitas is a curatorial project that aims to make
accessible and activate information in reference to
the field of cultural production.
Monthly through out the academic year, four invited
participants will articulate a selection of readings
and present a brief text explaining the reasons for
their selection.
The bibliography compiled is available at the Centro
Cultural Rojas and at
www.rojas.uba.ar/programacion/visitas (unfortunately,
still under construction)
June’s Visitas are: Domin Choi, Valeria González, Jack
Pierson, and Wendy Tronrud
Previous participants include: M777, Sofía Hernández
Chong Cuy, Pablo Schanton, Didac Lagarriga, Juan
Moralejo, Damián Tabarovsky, Liam Gillick, Fernándo
López Lage, Julie Ault, Clio Bugel, Rafael Cippolini
and Mercedes Mac Donnell
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Domin Choi
Is the editor of the film journal Kilómetro111, as
well as the film series published by Santiago Arcos.
He is a faculty member of the University of Buenos
Aires where he teaches “Theories and Mass Media” and
Valeria González
Is an independent curator, she also teaches
Contemporary Art at the University of Buenos Aires
(UBA), Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte
(IUNA), and Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero
(UNTREF). She is also a research fellow at UBACYT. She
has published articles and critical essays in numerous
journals, catalogues and newspapers. Since 1998 she is
a frequent collaborator to the visual arts section of
Página 12.
Jack Pierson
Lives and works in New York and southern California.
Amongst his most recent museum solo exhibitions: 1994
– Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; 1995 –
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; 1997 – CapcMusée
d´art contemporain Bordeaux and Frankfurter
Kunstverein; 1999 – Sprengel Museum Hannover and
Kunstverein Heilbronn; 2003 Museum of Contemporary Art
in Miami. Amongst his publications: The Lonely Life,
All of a Sudden and Self Portrait. This year he was
again included in the Whitney Biennial.
Wendy Tronrud
Lives and works in New York City. She collaborates
with the experimental poetry journal, HOW2
and forms part of the Screening committee for short
films for the New Festival, (NYC). In the past, she
has worked as a teacher of literacy through the arts
in NYC and in the South of France. Recently, she
collaborated with Alejandro Cesarco on Playlist
(Montevideo, Uruguay) an installation that functions
as synopsis of a book they are co-writing.
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Visitas is organised by Alejandro Cesarco and Gabriela
Please send us your comments to
Centro Cultural Rector Ricardo Rojas
Corrientes 2038
4954-5521 / 4954-5523
Ciudad de Buenos Aires