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Date/Time: 20/04/2004 12:00 am

April’s presentation of Visitas will be held on April
20th at 8.00pm at the Centro Cultural Rojas, Buenos
Aires, Argentina
Visitas is a curatorial project that aims to make
accessible and activate information in reference to
the field of cultural production.
Visitas will occur monthly through out the academic
year of 2004 (March – November), at the Centro
Cultural Rojas, a dependency of the University of
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Each month invited participants will articulate a
selection of readings and will present a brief text
explaining the reasons for their selection.
The bibliographical archive created by Visitas will be
available at the Centro Cultural Rojas and at
www.rojas.uba.ar/programacion/visitas (still under
April’s Visitas are:
Juan Moralejo
Editor of www.blocs.com.ar, fluctuating member of
www.gruposorna.com, and collaborator of
www.rudamacho.tk and the publication Hawai.
Damián Tabarovsky
Graduated from the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences
Sociales, Paris. Regularly publishes articles and
essays on literary and aesthetic matters. Has
translated avant-garde poets and narrators. Has also
published the novels Fotos Movidas, Coney Island,
Bingo, and Kafka de Vacaciones. During 2004 he will
publish the novel Las Hernias, and Literatura de
Izquierda, his first book of essays.
Liam Gillick
Born in the UK, lives and works in NY and London.
Among his most recent exhibitions: Projects 79: Liam
Gillick, Literally, Museum of Modern Art, (Queens,
NY), Dreams and Conflicts: The Dictatorship of the
Viewer (La Biennale di Venezia, Venice), Exterior Days
(Casey Kaplan, New York, NY). Among his books:
Literally No Place, Five or Six, Discussion Island/Big
Conference Center, and Erasmus is Late.
Fernando López Lage
Uruguayan artist, teacher and curator. Also,
co-founder of the Fundación de Arte Contemporáneo and
editor of the magazine Arte:. His recent solo
exhibitions include: Barras Paralelas (Centro
Municipal de Exposiciones Subte, Montevideo); Biblia
Pauperum (ICI -Colección Engelman Ost, Montevideo) and
shows at Linda Moore Gallery (San Diego, CA). Lives in
Liam Gillick and Fernando López Lage will not be
present but their texts will.