Cabinet — Doubles Launch

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Date/Time: 05/08/2004 12:00 am

Please join us for a party celebrate the release of the new issue of Cabinet magazine
Thematic section on “Doubles” produced in conjunction with Kabinet magazine, St. Petersburg
Time: Thursday, August 5 , 7-10 pm
Venue: Pierogi Gallery, 177 N. 9th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Expect: Magazines, drinks, people, music, and the delicious Trinidadian snack known as Doubles.
On view will be an artwork by commissioned by Cabinet which its editors are legally forbidden from seeing. (i.e.; the editors will be loitering outside)
With contributions by
Marina Abramovic
Geoffrey Batchen
Jorge Luis Borges
Mary Ellen Carroll
Declan Clarke
Rob DeSalle
Brian Dillon
Milena Dopitov√°
Yevgeniy Fiks
Paul Fleming
Mario Garcia Torres
Charles Green
Rachel Gugelberger
Helen Mayer & Newton Harrison
Peter Herbstreuth
Tehching Hsieh
Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov
Sanja Ivekovic
Shelley Jackson
Paul Maliszewski
Victor Mazin
Josiah McElheny
Brian McMullen
Linda Montano
Alexander Nagel
Pavel Pepperstein
Anne & Patrick Poirier
Ivan Razumov
Dorion Sagan
Luc Sante
John Strausbaugh
Luis Miguel Suro
Nat Trotman
Olesya Turkina
Christopher Turner
Penelope Umbrico
Mrs. Web Utility Meat Sandwich
Jane & Louise Wilson
Allen S. Weiss
Erika Wolf
Xurban Collective
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Cabinet wishes to thank Pierogi for hosting this event.