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Date/Time: 28/04/2004 12:00 am

TIME (TBA): Chicago Cultural Center – Temporary Travel Office –Ryan Griffis
Temporary Travel Office will distribute the audio tour of the Chicago Technology Park, one of the largest industrial and research facilities for biotech in the world.
For more information: http://www.yougenics.net/traveloffice/
TIME (TBA): Chicago Cultural Center – Insecurity Guard – My Dads Strip Club (The Third Coming)
See description April 27
11AM-6PM: Chicago Cultural Center – Cassidy Theater
11AM: Chicago Cultural Center – open-loop.org- open-loop.org
Open-loop is a collective which has documented the growing number of surveillance cameras that watch the streets of Chicago’s loop district. This documentation includes a map marking camera locations, photos of the cameras, and descriptions of camera types. The open-loop project is a continuation of a map that was created by Bill Brown, of the Surveillance Camera Players, during Version>03.
12PM: Chicago Cultural Center – Laurie Palmer presentation.
1PM: Chicago Cultural Center – Becoming imperceptible: Secrecy as spectacle and as strategy – Jack Bratich
This presentation examines the role of secrecy in culture and politics. Jack Bratich will discuss the current “state of secrecy”–the fusion of generalized secrecy with a state of permanent war. Given the current conjuncture of the “New Normal”, where State-power attempts to appropriate secrecy for its own strategies, his paper asks can we think of secrecy as productive, and not inherently a tool of domination? In an age where secrecy is virtually everywhere as a strategy of domination, can we begin to experiment with a becoming-secret that could be defined as an insurgent secrecy, a minor secrecy, or a popular secrecy? Invisible networks, currently depicted as shadowy networks where terrorists lurk and where criminals evade surveillance, can thus be reappropriated as a political weapon.
2pm:Chicago Cultural Center – The Romance of Clandestinity: or, how to disappear without a trace – Mary Patten + guests
This multimedia presentation will take a critical look at the allure of masks and group uniforms, street theatre and media provocations, tactics hidden and “known,” to examine shifting desires across generations of activists for a politics of anonymity, clandestinity, or publicity. The format will include a video-clip and slide lecture that “talks back” to the media images of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as well as current movements for social justice and against global capital.
4PM: Chicago Cultural Center – Creative Resistance Round Table – Guests TBD from Version>04 Art of Cultural Interference participants.
How do artists make an impact in the time of Bush and War? Can artists present messages that can reach the “right” audiences? This round table presentation and discussion will look at projects presented and unveiled during the convergence. Participants will be selected during the convergence based on the execution and impact of their projects.
Come to the Chicago Cultural Center on April 28 and 29 to learn about new projects going on in your own city and elsewhere! Share resources! Meet possible collaborators! The Nfo Xpo Networking Fair (pronounced “Info Expo”) will feature a wide variety of projects and practices that range from a mobile public reading room to a presentation on the use of waste grease for biofuel production. This event offers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with artists and activist collectives from Chicago as well as other cities and countries. The purpose of this fair is to assist individual artists and collectives to find more opportunities to produce direct exchanges, conversations and meet people who have similar interests.
Through the simple presentation format of a booth, based on a science fair model, we will facilitate straight-forward exchanges about what is going on locally in various communities, from different disparate neighborhoods, to other American cities and friends from far away visiting Chicago for Version>04. Over twenty-five artists and collectives will have presentation booths, including 16 beaver Group, Angels of Def, Animal Factory, Antigravity Bikecart Infoshop and Open Air Public Reading Room, Cabalster, Carbon Defense League Champaign Urbana IL, Chicago Indymedia, Chicago Grey Line, Chicago Kings, Children’s Studio Presents, Chris Wildrick, Chronozone 2, College of Complexes, Cooperative Image Group, FeelTank Chicago, Films and Cities, Free Walking, Genewise, Gentrification Board Game, Grand Rapids Michigan, Journal of Aesthetics and Protest, Lumpen, Microrevolt, The Network of Casual Art A/V Dept., No RNC, Las Non Gratas Class, Piedmont biofuels, Quimbys, Red 76 Arts group, The Stockyard Institute, Temporary Travel Office, Toyshop Collective, Trans Media Festival, VersionFest, We The People Media, Wormbin.
6PM: Chicago Cultural Center – The Corporation – presented by Katherine Dodds
THE CORPORATION engages us in a darkly amusing account of the institution’s evolution as a legal “person” whose prime directive is to produce ever-increasing profit for it’s shareholders regardless of the cost to anyone, or anything else. Imbuing it with this pathological nature is a recent human achievement. 150 years ago a corporation was merely an organized way of doing business. Today it is a global power that uses its status as a “person” to claim rights under the constitution.
Featuring a multitude of interviews with CEO’s and top-level executives from some of the worlds largest corporations, representing a wide range of industries, including: oil (Shell), pharmaceuticals (Pfizer),computers (IBM), tires (Goodyear), carpets (Interface), public relations (Burson Marsteller), branding (Landor), and advertising (Initiative); as well as critical thinkers: Noam Chomsky, Peter Drucker, Milton Friedman, Naomi Klein, Mark Kingwell, Vandana Shiva, and muckraking filmmaker Michael Moore. Add to the mix a corporate spy, an undercover marketer, academics, pundits, historians and activists; deftly blend with newsreel footage, early TV advertisements, B movies, and corporate propaganda films and you have the fascinating, original portrait of an institution that is THE CORPORATION.
Is there a cure for this pathological pursuit of profit-at-any-cost? Or can we only apply restraints?
11am –6pm Big TV @ Chicago Cultural Center – GAR Hall – Various Artists (TBA) include: Radio WORM-TV series and TLVSN
Wednesday April 28 9pm $12
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