conditions of media production and distribution

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Date/Time: 05/05/2005 12:00 am

Have new digital communication technologies made civil
society obsolete, or enabled its next generation?
Is it becoming possible to think and communicate rationally
through audio-visual media?
Where’s the party?
Hyperpolis: Age of Reason 2.0
Conference and Celebration
Thursday, 5/5/05, starting 1pm.
Location: Polytechnic University’s Brooklyn campus, in the Dibner
auditorium, moving on to the new Polytechnic Hall of Fame.
2 interdisciplinary panel sessions in the Dibner auditiorium,
followed by a D-VJ party in the Polytechnic Hall of Fame.Registration: $20,
$10 for students & adjuncts (complimentary sandwich buffet after the panels)
Panel 1: To address recent changes in the practical conditions of media
production and distribution, especially the convergence of broadband
and low-cost production and post-production equipment, and the ways in which
they alter what we do and can describe by the term “mass media”; in
particular, the emergence of a whole new class of independent media
who can (at least in theory) address a global audience without mediation by
corporate, state, or religious organizations. What are the real terms and
conditions of media “prosuming”?
Harold Sjursen, IGER (Institute for Global Education and Research
Mark Amerika, University of Colorado
Stephen Wright, Collège Supérieur de Philosophie, Paris
Bharat Rao, Polytechnic University Department of Management
Beth Coleman, MIT and SoundLab Cultural Alchemy Project
Panel 2: To consider a specific cultural potential of the new networks and
production capacities, namely the possibility of a “global Polis”, whose
lingua franca is a highly developed synthesis of audio, video, and text. Can
there be such a thing as rational audio-visual discourse? What are its
What are its limits?
Dominic Pettman, Polytechnic University Brooklyn
Ken Wark, New School University
Wendy Chun, Brown University
Luke Murphy, MTV Networks
Carl Skelton, Integrated Digital Media Institute
Thomas McEvilley, School of Visual Arts
Participants in the two panels will be invited to re-convene for a
discussion, followed by a VJ celebration in the Polytechnic Hall of Fame in
Wunsch Hall. Live mixing of video, audio, and elements of the proceedings
will be “performed” on the Hall of Fame’s nine screens and five speakers,
showcasing Brooklyn Polytechnic’s new facilities and its leadership in both
concepts and production in digital multimedia.
See you there.
Co-sponsored and organized by: The Integrated Digital Media Instituteand the
Othmer Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies at Polytechnic University,
Brooklyn. to register online:
http://humanscience.poly.edu/hyperpolis/register Information: Othmer
office, (718) 260-3556
Dibner Auditorium, MetroTech Center
Jay Street between Livingston and Tech Place
Subway: Jay St-Borough Hall (A, C, E, F)
Tix at the door $5 extra