CONOR McGRADY — opening

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Date/Time: 15/10/2004 12:00 am

OCTOBER 15 – NOVEMBER 14, 2004
Opening Friday, October 15th, 7-9 pm
GFL Gallery
327 Grand Street (at Havermeyer), Williamsburg, NYC
GFL is proud to present a site-specific drawing by Conor McGrady.  McGrady will complete a 30 foot drawing in three days in the unique and narrow confines of GFL.
In his spare and beautifully rendered black and white drawings in gouache, ink and compressed charcoal, McGrady employs the minimum of lines to render public spaces, beleaguered city blocks and the architecture of social control.  McGrady draws from memory, sketches of the neighborhoods and housing structures of his youth in Northern  Ireland.  Barricades, army patrols in the street, the wail of sirens, rocks and debris have all been omitted from his scenarios leaving only the eerie silence of potential violence.  More recently, while in residence in Lower Manhattan, McGrady completed a series of drawings which capture the creepy essence of well patrolled streets and recently abandoned interiors – of controlled and surveilled spaces where people no longer linger due to fear of unpredictable potential violence.  The artist brings his well-trained eye for an underlying sensation of social control and fear to a city at the center of a newly-minted militarized state, to NYC where tourists flock to view the remnants of ground-zero and point cameras at groups of national guardsman patrolling Grand Central station with automatic weapons.  Not just for Times Square anymore, New York is proof positive of America’s state of unease and the current administration’s “offensive” posturing both at home and throughout the globe.
McGrady has shown extensively throughout Ireland and Chicago where he received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1998.  He was also included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial.

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