Continental Drift Through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor (Last Weekend)

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Date/Time: 13/06/2008 12:00 am

Continental Drift Through the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor, June 4-14, 2008
Jun. 1st, 2008 | 07:25 am
June 4-14, 2008
CONTINENTAL DRIFT is an invitation to look at our collective existence on all the relevant scales: the intimate, the local, the national, the continental, and the global. Continental Drift is a mobile assemblage of people presenting their projects, observations, experiments, discoveries and questions, and producing value through social exchange. Continental Drift through the MRCC is a self-educating tour through our concrete world and its abstract representations, discovering distant lives in familiar situations, and embracing the interdependency that links what is usually treated as separate. Continental Drift is intended for anyone seeking to locate global forces in daily life and to reorient aesthetic invention in response to an ethics of equality.
DAY 1 – Wednesday, June 4
8 PM – The CU Indymedia Center, 202 S. Broadway, Urbana.
The Audacity of Desperation, Conversations with artists/curators Jessica Lawless & Sarah Ross about the exhibition.
Kevin Hamiliton: “That Happened Here?” Sorting through the Records of an Earlier Radical Moment
A new(ish) resident of Champaign-Urbana discovers some old radicals in the archives. What was the Biological Computing Laboratory? What research and teaching took place there? In the modern history of struggles to live out justice and freedom, one sees so many different models, different relationships of seeing to knowing, of knowing to being, of being to being with others. Who knew that right here in town were a group of faculty and students who worked as a group to integrate these things, to teach and research from what they believed to be radically true? This presentation will provide some material for discussion of that moment, and hopefully without too much nostalgia from people too young to have been there. If you were around campus in 1968, come help us complicate the picture.
Brian Holmes & Claire Pentecost introduce the Continental Drift.
DAY 2 – Thursday, June 5
10:30am-12:00 PM – Backyard talk with Lisa Bralts
910 S. Lynn St., Urbana
Lisa Bralts is the City of Urbana Farmer’s market director. She’s been a food activist for years, on the board of the local Co-op and former communications director of the Illinois Food Bank. Lisa will share her knowledge on regional food sustainability and challenges for local populations.
12:30 – Visit to Tomahnous Farms in Mahomet, IL.
Meeting point: 910. S. Lynn St., Urbana at 12pm, carpool to the farm.
Tomahnous Farms grows organic fruits, vegetables, farms meat, eggs and honey and sells through a CSA and local vendors. Located in a growing ‘suburb’ of Champaign, Lisa Haynes, grower and land use activist, will give a tour of the farm and discuss issues with losing farm land.
7:00 PM – Exhibition and potluck, Garage & Garden, 706 E. Fairlawn,Urbana.
This is the first gathering at Garage & Garden. There will be projects about the re-use of locally produced waste, imagined neighborhoods, and things to take with you. Garage & Garden is a space for discussions about re-making our neighborhood in relation to current food production, energy consumption, political organization, and more.
DAY 3 – Friday, June 6
10:00 AM – Fighting Toxicity, Douglass Branch Library, 504 E. Grove St.,
Champaign. Local scholars and activists from C-U Citizens for Peace & Justice will discuss their fight against social and ecological toxicity in Champaign.
Drift to Chicago. Rest stop presentation/discussion.
DAY 3 – Friday, June 6
6:00 PM – Movies & discussion: Who controls our food? Our Daily Bread (1934) & The World According to Monsanto (2008), Mess Hall, 6932 N. Glenwood, bring homemade bread to share. http://www.messhall.org
DAY 4 – Saturday, June 7
2:00-4:00 PM – Release party for AREA Chicago #6: City as Lab, Paseo Prairie Garden, next to the Logan Square Blue Line stop. This issue of AREA Chicago looks at Chicago as a policy laboratory in which experimental public policy in the areas of housing, labor and education are tested on the residents of Chicago.
7:00 PM – Art and Revolution! Gerald Raunig (author: Art and Revolution:Transversal Activism in the Long Twentieth Century) with Dan S. Wang, InCUBATE, 2129 N. Rockwell.
DAY 5 – Sunday, June 8
1:00 – 5:00 PM – Tour C/CURE initiative with Naomi Davis & Martha Boyd,
Carver Park, 900East 134th Street.
7:00 PM – Screening: The Spook Who Sat by the Door, filmmaker Sam
Greenlee in person, Backstory Cafe, 6100 S. Blackstone.
DAY 6 – Monday, June 9
Times and Schedule TBA – Trip to Milwaukee: visit Brady Street Pharmacy and Growing Power.
DAY 7 – Tuesday, June 10
Time TBA –Travel to Elk Mound the long way, arrive in the late afternoon
12:00 PM – Break, Marl Lake, swimming
Time TBA – Evening meal with the Langbys and some friends/collaborators of theirs from progressive home schooling and local food networks. Camp at the Langbys.
DAY 8 – Wed, June 11
Time TBA – Walk a mile from Langbys’ and tour an organic dairy farm – members of CROPP. Help out around the garden.
Time TBA – Evening event, The Eau Claire Public Library.
DAY 9 – Thursday, June 12
Time TBA –Travel to Viroqua/LaFarge/West Lima, See the Brown Family land
Time TBA – Evening picnic and walk-through Heavy Duty Acres, with Mike Koppa.
DAY 10 – Friday, June 13
Time TBA – Tour the HQ of CROPP. http://www.farmers.coop
Time TBA – Work on trellis projects at Dreamtime Village. Followed by an evening discussion “Articulating our Visions.”
DAY 11 – Sat, June 14
Time TBA – Travel to Madison, stop somewhere for U-pick strawberries. Strawberry jam making party at the home of Dan and Sarah, plus strawberry shortcake feed. Late-night Selections in Dan’s basement/print shop/listening station.
Urbana: saralross@yahoo.com
Chicago: cpente@saic.edu
Wisconsin: danwang@mindspring.com.
Anyone is welcome to join the Continental Drift and to help articulate what the MRCC can be and become.
Calendar & updates: http://radicalmidwest.blogspot.com