Crazy invite for De Appel in Amsterdam

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Date/Time: 14/07/2003 12:00 am

Dear friends,
for who might not know it, De Appel it’s the Centre for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, it’s therefore a great opportunity to show and share your ideas!!
‘Only through madness we can really understand ourselves’ (Artaud)
What is your craziest idea, your wildest fantasy, your ultimate desire?
With this project I would like to stress the importance of craziness, to step out of our conventional borders and barriers. We should dare to see, discover and realize our craziest thoughts, ideas, dreams and fears. Madness is the way to tune in with all that the structure we live in, in the form of a prison, don’t allow us to reach.
Crazy is a ‘field’ project with several stages of development and realization.
– Possibility to sent in and contributes your crazy ideas to the project (until 25 July).
– A space will be created in De Appel where visitors can be inspired, attracted and invited to research and discover their ‘crazy thought’( from July 3 to July 25).
– All the crazy ideas will be displaced in the gallery space of De Appel (from July 3 to August 18).
– A 1 day open symposium in De Appel where a very special jury will discuss all the ideas and choose the ultimate crazy idea! They will have of course to reach a common verdict and justify their choice. (on the 2nd of August.)
-The public announcement of the winner idea (August 3rd to August 17).
-The last stage is to realize the ‘Winner crazy idea’. This will be of course a real surprise for everyone because we have no clue what it will be!! (Dates and place have still to be determined).
Please visit the website www.deappel.nl/crazy to fill in the form and take part in the craziest thought competition.
“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams
“From the man to the real man, the road pass through the crazy man.” Michel Foucault
“We are all born crazy. Someone stays like that.” Samuel Beckett
“Stopping being crazy he became an idiot.” Marcel Proust