[cuneo] Resonance project — 06.09.04

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Date/Time: 12/06/2004 12:00 am

“C’era sempre del dolce (there was always some kind of candy)” that will take place in the space “Senzatamburinetrombette” of the stylist Osvaldo Montalbano, in Contrada Mondovì 6 in Cuneo, from Saturday 12th up to June 26th, 2004.
For this occasion a “Wedding Cake” will be made. A work conceived as one homage to my father, he was confectioner In the 60’s-70’s my family was owner of the “Confetteria e Pasticceria Prato” located in Corso Nizza 9, downtown in Cuneo.
This particular “Wedding Cake”, is similar to the cake used in the wedding party of my parents, made by my father. It will be exposed at the shop-window, as it used to be with the cakes manufactured by my parent’s shop. It remained at the window for the pleasure and temptation of the customers.


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