Donna Summer + Kid606 + DJ Rupture + End ++

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Date/Time: 15/08/2003 12:00 am

Well if it were up to me you would be coming to see the Kid 606, DJ Rupture,
End, Dwayne Sodaberk, and Donna Summer show!
The Village Voice named it one of their “Voice Choices” so what more do you
want? I mean 606’s new music is absolutely fantastic, DJ Rupture is widely
known as one of the very best DJ’s in the world (last time I saw him he mixed
flawlessly without headphones for like 30 minutes) Dwayne Sodahberk is from
Norway, and my buddy End is probably one of the best makers of music in the world (you doubt me? Check www.worldwentdown.com to see for yourself!). Oh yeah, I’ll also play some fun new songs that should have the ladiez “bumpin” whatever that means.
Really you should come.
Want to see the Voice thing? Here:
That’s where you’ll also find the info on the show, but that is easy. Doors
open @ 10pm, and I’d get there early because End and I will be up first I
(and to you citizens who showed up at Pianos @ 10 pm last time, my apologies,
this time the show really does start @ 10pm!!)
OK, see you there! This will be one of those really good shows you don’t
want to miss!
Knitting factory:
74 Leonard St.
Doors @ 10pm
$12 (I think)
Thanks a ton!
Jason/ Donna Summer
(BCA: Pretenders “Pretenders”-Sire
Curtis Chip- “eating paste” Zod
Baroque Bouquet- “Plant Music”- amherst)