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Date/Time: 04/12/2004 12:00 am

Yes! We Can Stop Bush!
Strategies for Stopping the War & Occupation
What do we have to do now?
9 am – 6 pm,
at the
55 WEST 13 ST. ( between 5th and 6th Avenue in Manhattan)
Bring the Troops Home Now!
Fight the Draft!
Support GI Resistance!
Stop the War Machine!
3 Sessions followed by open panel discussions including:
* Parents of GI Resisters
* Representatives of antiwar coalitions
* Draft resisters & youth organizers
* Anti-war veterans
* labor and community activists
This Conference is Part of Stop the War Week.
For more information on this and other upcoming activities: http://www.PeopleJudgeBush.org or (212)633-6646
To Donate: http://www.PeopleJudgeBush.org/donate.shtml
The People Judge Bush
The People of the world are rising up in response to the escalating Crimes of the Bush Administration. In Chile, where Bush was attending the APEC conference, he was greeted by 70,000 angry protesters in the streets, outraged over U.S. war crimes in Fallujah, where more than 800 civilians were killed by the recent assault on the city.
Antiwar activists in Chile also filed suit in criminal court, charging Bush with violations of the Geneva Convention and other International Laws. Bush was forced to ask the President of Chile for diplomatic immunity during his visit.
This shows the power of a people’s movement. We must continue to mobilize here to stop this criminal war and hold Bush accountable.
At the very moment that the US military is sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire in Iraq, George W. Bush is elevating precisely those forces within the administration who were the most vigorous advocates, supporters, and defenders of the U.S. war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo: Condaleeza Rice, the new Secretary of State, was a advocate of pre-emptive strikes as the basis for the so-called Bush doctrine; Stephen J. Hadley, the new head of the National Security Council argued for the use of “mini nukes” against the people of Iraq; and the new Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, wrote memos approving the use of torture and the illegal detention of prisoners in Guantanamo.
Furthermore, as the Bush Administration prepares for its second term, it is attempting to overshadow its crisis in Iraq and its failing economic policies by making new threats against Iran and North Korea.
It is one thing to put a right-wing government in place and another thing to carry out a right-wing political policy at home and abroad. The Bush Administration is facing an unwinnable war and a failing economy with rising deficits, a declining dollar, and disappearing jobs. Thirty-two years ago, Richard Nixon won the largest electoral vote in history, but less than 2 years later he was forced to resign rather than face impeachment.
The movement must demonstrate that it is not intimidated by the appointment of these criminals and their right-wing agenda. Building a mass movement to struggle against the war and occupation can change the entire political landscape and put Bush, Cheney, and the other members of this criminal administration on the defensive. It takes determination and initiative, but it can be done.
We have outlined an Action Plan to Stop the War below. We encourage you to endorse the action plan, to get involved, and to help with the enormous expenses involved.
Action Plan to Stop the War:
Stop the War Week – Dec. 3-11
Dec. 3–Fri National Student Walk-Out
Dec. 4–Sat Emergency AntiWar Conference
Dec 5–Sun Haiti Solidarity Rally
New York College of Technology in Brooklyn-5:00 p.m. Haiti at the Crossroads: What is to be done?
Stop the Killing. End Occupation. Restore Constitutional government. Speakers, film, & music.
Dec 8–Wed Nat’l Day of Action to Stop Military Recruiting
Dec 10- Fri International Human Rights Day
Actions focusing on the theme “Workers Rights, Not War, is a Human Right!” Also actions focusing on poltical prisoners
in the U.S., including Mumia Abu Jamal and many others.
Dec 11- Sat. Bring the troops home now! local demonstrations
Dec 4-11- Sat to Sat Boycott Holiday Shopping to Stop the War!
No business as usual as long as the war and occupation continues! We cannot celebrate the holiday season while the criminal war continues – Antiwar forces will protest in front of businesses, including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and others to spread the message of the holiday boycott to stop the war.
January 20–Thursday
Counter Inaugural Washington, D.C.
Thousands of people are expected to flood the city of Washington, DC to say NO to the Bush policies of endless
war and domestic repression. The International Action Center will be organizing transportation from all over the country to bring activists to the Counter-Inaugural.
March 20–Sunday
International Day of Action
on the 2nd Anniversary of the beginning of the war. On this day there will be protests all over the world against
the war. The International Action Center and other antiwar organizations are planning local and regional protests
throughout the U.S., including New York City, Boston, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Raleigh, and Detroit.
How you can help:
1) Endorse the Action Plan
2) Donate to Help with the Expenses
3) Organize a local event