Experimental Intermedia — all March

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Date/Time: 01/03/2006 12:00 am

Experimental Intermedia
The Thirty-second Anniversary of EI performances at 224 Centre Street, The
Thirty-seventh Anniversary of the Founding of Experimental Intermedia, the
Thirty-seventh Anniversary of the 224 Centre Street loft, and, not least,
The Sixteenth Annual Festival with no fancy name, Part Two (or B)
Phill Niblock, curator
March 2006
Chris Mann Friday 10
Any questions
Katherine Liberovskaya curates: Screen Compositions 2 Monday 13
The second edition of Screen Compositions is again a collection of
intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works
representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/ film artists and
sound/ music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection
with no live or performance component; featuring collaborations by:
Nathalie Bujold / Gerard Leckey/ Lary Seven; Tony Cokes / Mike Bell-Smith;
Angie Eng / Simon Hostettler / David Weinstein; Katherine Liberovskaya / Al
Margolis (If, Bwana); Mika Taanila / The User; Sami van Ingen / Petri
Kuljuntausta; Fred Worden / Tom Hamilton
Paul Devens Tuesday 14
Live generated and manipulated sound in virtual and analogue environments
collides with video projections; Devens generally questions the seemingly
naturalized conceptions of the reality surrounding us; in those works the
feeling of uncertainty and surprise provided by the unexpectedness of the
situation is always a central element; events within pre-constructed
frameworks, soundworks, installations and charged minimal acts (in video)
are all important parts of his research; www.pauldevens.nl
Domenico Sciajno Wednesday 15
dAtA, a new series of audiovisual performances; sounds and music produced
and ‘dissected’ in several sonic parameters and mapped to visual parameters
in order to have a direct relation between musical gestures and visual
processes; www.sciajno.net; Sponsorship www.antitesi.org
Ido Govrin & Liora Belford Thursday 16
Belford (video artist / film maker) and Govrin (sound artist / musician)
will present their latest audio-visual work called – Free Field;
abstractly, a free field is a field which can be described by linear
partial differential equations and has a unique solution given an initial
data; it consists of a theoretical infinite sound space and a 3D visual
space transformed into a 2D plot; www.duprass.com /
Bolsa Ernesto de Sousa, a memorial fellowship named for the Portuguese
Intermedia Artist, sponsored by the Luso-Americana Foundation and the
Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian, in Lisbon, coordinated by Isabel Alves,
presents an intermedia performance:
Yella Friday 17
“Body of Work” Is about a body as a work structure, where a piece of cloth
plays the musical instrument as a second skin, all the movements are
translated into vibrations, beats and steps, all to translate the movement
into sounds; the cloth is a giant baby growing with a corset in the center
of the body to give support to a Portuguese guitar, adapted to be played as
a harp or a cello by pulling the strings when the body puts itself in a
harp look-a-like position, provoking unexpected melodies interacting with
the video projections of captured footsteps doing the beats, expressing the
need to go forward; the body becomes useful, the body as an instrument;
Michael Lytle, Nic Didkovsky, Gerry Hemingway Sunday 19
The “Swim This” trio of master musicians: Michael (big clarinets,
electronics), Nick (guitars, computers), and Gerry (percussion, sonics)
will present a sound circus of compositions and improvisation; including a
rare viewing of Ron Nameth’s film “11’22’; to delight and confuse the best
of us
Ulrich Maiss and Butch Rovan Monday 20
Envyloop: the dynamic live-electro-improv-acoustic-meltdown duo formed by
composer/ performers Maiss (electric 6-string cello, BassCello,
electronics, vocals) and Rovan (alto clarinet, laptops, vocals); with their
combination of acoustic and electric instruments, live electronics,
interactive video and found objects, they create an eclectic mix of musical
styles and persona that is ENVYLOOP; www.envyloop.com
Kasper T Toeplitz Tuesday 21
TIHM, part 1(tension) for solo real-time computer (45 min); STATIC, part 1
for BassComputer (20 min); Laermesmitte, for BassComputer – which will be
premiered on March 12 at GRM (Paris) – (25 min) – an evening of heavy
density and fuzzed drones; www.sleazeArt.com
Our programs are supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, the
Aaron Copland
Fund For Music, and the Phaedrus Foundation
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, N Y 10013 9pm, $4.99
212 431 5127, 431 6430, www.experimentalintermedia.org and
Activities of Experimental Intermedia v.z.w. Gent, Belgium
In 1993, the American artist Phill Niblock opened a house with
window gallery at Sassekaai 45, in Gent, Belgium.
Quickly the EI Huis became a meeting place for many local and international
artists and art lovers. In 1997, the co-ordinating committee – Phill
Niblock, Maria Blondeel, Zjuul Devens, Lieve D’hondt and Ludo Engels –
founded a Belgium organization, the Experimental Intermedia v.z.w. Gent. EI
presents 4 or more installations a year in the windows. The installations
can be seen from the street through two large windows: pedestrians, car
drivers, bikers and people on the tram cannot help but give attention to
the curved front with its two windows, bringing the art (often literally)
onto the street. By exploring the space and the environment, the artist can
surprise passers-by .EI has produced several projects in collaboration with
other international artists’ organizations like Kunstcentrum Sittard,
Sittard (NL), MeX, Dortmund (D), ICAEE, Tokyo (JP), Voorkamer, Lier (B) and
Logos Foundation, Gent (B).
The artists who have made installations, listed in chronological
order, are: Maria Evelein, the Netherlands; Sigrid Lange, Germany; Michael
Timpson, USA; Michael Vorfeld, Germany; Uli Vonbank-Schedler, Austria;
Harald Kubiczak, Germany; Alexandru Patatics, Romania and Gerd Schmedes,
Germany; Mike Metz, USA and Penelope Wehrli, USA/ Germany (in collaboration
with the Academy of Fine Arts, Gent); Beverly Piersol, USA/ Austria and
Gertrude Moser-Wagner, Austria; Juana Valdes, Cuba/USA; Adri Huismann, The
Netherlands; Kjell Bjoergeengen, Norway; Claudia Wissman, Germany; Claudia
Schmacke, Germany; Marica Presic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia; Doris Koch,
Germany; Esther Ferrer, France/Spain; Ludwika Ogorzelec, France/Poland;
Peter Schoutsen, Netherlands; Jozef Cseres and Michael Murin, Slovakia;
Steffen Muck, Germany; Maria Friberg and John Oivind Eggesboe, of Sweden
and Denmark; Mirjam Berloth, The Netherlands; Beate Maria Woerz, Germany;
Heike Kern, Germany ; Renate Hoffman Korth, Germany, and Sonia Rodrigues,
Portugal/ England; Leonidas Martin Saura (Spain); Ursula Scherrer,
Switzerland/USA; Jio Shimizu, Japan; Minoru Sato, Japan; Nina Kovacheva and
Valentin Stefanoff, Bulgaria / France; An Seebach, Germany; Anna Best,
England; Paul Devens, The Netherlands; ts Beall, USA and Glasgow; Ivan
Smith, England; Sara Hornbacher, USA; Yoshito Ikeda, Japan; Almut Rink and
Christof Schlegel, Austria; Sophie Nys, Belgium; Jurgita Remeikyte,
Vilnius, Lithuania; Juul Sadee, Netherlands; Doris Kuwert, Germany; Bruce
Allan, England ; Carlos Andrade, Colombia and Todd Ayoung, USA; Takahiko
Iimura, Japan; Patrick Beaulieu, Canada; Marieke De Munck, Belgium
coming – Tim Vets & Erki De Vries, Belgium; Adam Geczy, Australia
Please visit the EI Gent website: www.experimentalintermedia.be
XI Compact Disks currently available, check the website: www.XIrecords.org
Phill Niblock, Four Full Flutes, XI 101; Lois V Vierk, Simoom, XI 102; Guy
Klucevsek, Flying Vegetables of the Apocalypse, XI 104; David Behrman,
Unforeseen Events, XI 105; Tom Johnson, Music for 88, XI 106; Mary Jane
Leach, Celestial Fires, XI 107; Fast Forward, Same Same, XI 108; Ellen
Fullman, Body Music, XI 109; Jackson Mac Low, Open Secrets, XI 110; Phill
Niblock, Music by, XI 111; Allison Cameron, Raw Sangudo, XI 112; Daniel
Goode, Clarinet Songs, XI 113; Mary Ellen Childs, Kilter, XI 114; Peter
Zummo, Experimenting With Household Chemicals, XI 116; The Logos Duo,
Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, Logos Works, XI 117; Annea Lockwood
and Ruth Anderson, Sinopah, XI 118; Eliane Radigue, Trilogie de la Mort, XI
119 (3 CDs for the price of two); Malcolm Goldstein, The Seasons:Vermont ,
XI 120; Paul Panhuysen, Partitas for Long Strings, XI 122; Tom Johnson,
The Chord Catalogue, XI 123; Ellen Band, 90% Post Consumer Sound, XI 124;
Philip Corner, 40 years and one, XI 125; Recent releases in our new two
CDs for the price of one series — Richard Lainhart, Ten Thousand Shades
of Blue, XI 115; Phill Niblock, YPGPN, XI 121; Gen Ken Montgomery,
Pondfloorsample, XI 126; Michael J. Schumacher, Room Pieces, XI 127; Alan
Licht, A New York Minute, XI 128; David Behrman, My Dear Siegfried, XI 129