Friday 12.11.09 – Informe, Abstraction, Ecstasy II : Psychedelia

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Date/Time: 11/12/2009 12:00 am

Friday 12.11.09 – Informe, Abstraction, Ecstasy II : Psychedelia
1. About this Friday
2. Films to be screened
3. Texts
4. About the first event in this series
1. About this Friday
What: Site specific film performance
When: Friday 12.11.09
Where: 16Beaver Street, 4th Floor
When: 8:00 pm
Who: Free and open to all
Tonight is the second in a four-part series investigating the role of abstract and affective processes in a contemporary revolutionary politics, featuring performances and experimental film and video. The evening, as our last event did, mixes lecture elements with screenings in order to recontextualize select works from the experimental film and video canon, and set them to work for an idiosyncratic, aleatory political activism.
You may ask “what is a site specific film performance”? And it would have been difficult to speculate upon a definition without having the experience of the last event. But in short, one could say it can be an event in which the production, projection, reception, analysis, and experience of film are not separate, but rather co-extensive. Rather than being combined, each element resides next to the other in the same time/space. And in this co-extensivity, this co-presence it is possible that something happens which is absolutely singular: one is opened to seeing the seeing, to thinking the thinking, and to sensing the sensing of film.
Unlike a screening of similar set of canonical films, which may work under a historicizing logic or paradigms which are familiar or known, this film performance attempts to re-present these works as contemporary, a part of a process of one artist’s thought, and presented together as kind of politico-affective love letter.
This evening as well as the others in this series are organized by Brian McCarthy
What follows is a short description from Brian:
The purpose of tonight’s show is to refigure the psychedelic in a context that is not historically specific; works will be shown from the 20s (figured here as a kind of “psychedelic decade” in Kinusaga’s expressionistic masterpiece Page of Madness from 1927) through to contemporary video work (Stom Sogo and Dani Leventhal).
Through the lens of writers such as Parker Tyler, French surrealist Roger Callois, and Mike Kelley (in his “Vaseline Muses” text) as performance elements, the concepts of mannerism, anamorphic space, and the mimetic will be employed to expand concepts raised in the previous show on informe, detail and the political. A discussion of Giorgio Agamben’s analysis of the decidability of the human from his book The Open will serve to establish a political idea.
The anamorphic phenomenon, the “lure of space”, and a quality of vital materiality and vivacity will be related to a consideration of mannerism.
A conceptual series will be established:
psychedelic anamorphosis
legendary psychasthenia
psychic morphogenesis
2. Films to be screened
Films will be interspersed with readings, lecture elements, and an overhead projector piece on portable holes by Carson Salter and Robert Snowden.
ira cohen invasion of thunderbolt pagoda
teinosuke kinusaga page of madness [edited excerpt]
salter and snowden portable hole piece
david cronenberg stereo [excerpt]
paul sharits ray gun virus
frans zwartjes living
stom sogo silver play
dani leventhal 54,36,18
brian mccarthy untitled
stom sogo jerk
3. Texts
4. About the first event in this series


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