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Date/Time: 16/12/2004 12:00 am

The Book as Object and Performance: An Evening of Performances
Thursday, December 16, 6-8 pm
Curated by Sara Reisman
Please join us for an evening of performances by AUX (Reynard Loki and
Christopher Shores), Joseph A. Fish, Jesal Kapadia, Pia Lindman, and Maciej
Toporowicz, in conjunction with our current exhibition The Book as Object
and Performance.
Beginning at 6:00 pm, Pia Lindman will perform in the front window of the
gallery, visible to viewers and passersby on Franklin Street. As part of
her project entitled Lakonikon and Black Square (2004) Lindman will
re-enact gestures of mourning that she has drawn from the front pages of
The New York Times between 2002 and 2003.
Beginning at 6:30 pm, a sound program curated by artist Reynard Loki will
take place inside the gallery. The program features live performances by
the sound artists in the show, AUX (a duo formed by Reynard Loki and
Christopher Shores), Joseph A. Fish and Maciej Toporowicz. AUX and Fish
will collaborate on a digitally-manipulated reading of Tolstoy’s “War and
Peace.” Toporowicz will perform a reading of the Ten Commandments.
Around 7:15 pm, Jesal Kapadia will activate “How to wear a saree in 5 easy
steps” (2004), a memorial to the 21 women who died in the „saree ?stampede”in the northern Indian city of Lucknow.
On view until January 22, 2005, The Book as Object and Performance is an
exhibition of artworks that take the format of the book as a point of
departure to consider the dynamics between text, image, and transformation
in the interpretation of the written word. The Book as Object and
Performance considers the broad implications of technology on the book and
print media, and ultimately how history and culture are articulated through
both mass and unique media. The exhibition includes an exhibition of works
by 22 artists, two evenings of selected book projects „read‰ and performed
by the artists, a sound component organized by Reynard Loki, and a
catalogue with an essay by art historian Eva Diaz.
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New York, NY 10013
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