Gregg Bordowitz — The Self-Shattering Peace: Sexuality and War

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Date/Time: 18/11/2004 12:00 am

American Fine Arts, Co. 530 West 22nd Street
Thursday November 18, 5PM
The Self-Shattering Peace: Sexuality and War.
This talk will consider how sex and queer sexualities, in particular, can provide new forms of dissent.
Three main points will be advanced:
1) All sexuality is queer sexuality. Heterosexuality is a fiction. So, is homosexuality. There is a significant distinction between sex and sexuality. Sex describes a narrow set of activities. Sexuality is nothing less than how you touch the world and how the world touches you back . All sexualities share common origins and features, yet each sexuality is singular.
2) Understanding the origin of sexuality sheds light on the origins of war; but understanding does not tell us how to prevent war.
3) Anti-war movements (and all counter-cultures) must have a component of radical sexual politics.

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