HIT ‘N’ RUN – film and video

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Date/Time: 01/06/2004 12:00 am

HIT ‘N’ RUN – film and video screenings
Tuesday June 1 @ Pier 63, Maritime – at the end of West 23rd Street at the WestsideHighway on the Hudson River, behind Basketball City, CHELSEA
Directions: C, E to West 23rd
Moveon.org Voter fund:
Bush sucks
by Scott Runcorn and Andrew Wallace with Peter Jacques, Leigh Crow, Phil Dumesnil, and Asa Sanchez of San Francisco, CA
Greatest hits
by Mandy Donovan, Rachel Houk Seeger, Mario Polastri, Ron Hayden, Dave Porter, Jim Sullivan, and Chris Murphy of Somerville, MA
If parents acted like Bush
by Christopher Fink of Sherman Oaks, CA
If the Bush administration was your roommate 3
by Matt Kresling and Seth Toedter of Los Angeles, CA
Brother can you spare a job?
by Tom Neely and Greg Saunders of Glendale, CA
by Brent Knopf, Josh Kneedler, and Sarah Oleksyk of Portland, OR
Yael Bartana
Kings of the Hill, 2003
Color, sound
7 minutes and 30 seconds
(Distribution: Montevideo, Amsterdam, NL)
Sarina Khan Reddy
The Great Game: A New World Order? 2003
Color, sound
4 minutes
Ayreen Anastas
Wednesday or Thursday, 2001
Color, sound
7 minutes
Mariam Ghani
Universal Games, 2000
Color, sound
2 minutes and 20 seconds
Thursday June 3 @ Year – 88 Front Street – DUMBO
Directions:F train to York. Walk downhill on Jay Street. Left on Front Street to the corner of Washington Street.
A,C to High. Exit Cadman Plaza West. Walk downhill to Front Street. Turn right to the corner of Washington Street.
Moveon.org Voter fund:
What I been up to . .
by Mark Wolfe and Ty Pierce of Columbus, OH
School yard politics
by David E. K. Abramson with Steven D’Arcangelo, Ken Palmer, Kate Movius, Laura Cook, and Laura Wiltshire of Los Angeles, CA
Bush knew
by Sterling Rainbolt, Chad Redmon, Michael Kane, and Aaron Raskin of Brooklyn, NY
Al Keyda
by Joe Viertel, Trevor Murphy, and Alek Friedman with Patrice Lucien Cochet, H. Scott Salinas, and Ann Sexton of West Hollywood, CA
Pop Quiz
by Scott Stowell, Susan Barber, Cara Brower, Kate Kittredge of Los Angeles, CA
Bring it on
by Jared Ewy, Angel Sexton, and Drew Adams of Englewood, CO
Florian Wüst
Oh Mother Earth, dear Fatherland
Color and black and white, sound
16 mm, 34 minutes
Antonio Muntadas
Video is Television? 1989
Color, sound
5 minutes and 34 seconds
Tony Cokes
Black September 02.03, 2004
Color, sound
2 minutes
François Bucher
White Balance
(to think is to forget difference) 2002
Color, sound
32 minutes
Ivan Hürzeler
Partytown USA, 1997
Color, sound
3 minutes
Special thanks to Galapagos, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Ocularis, Pier 63, Maritime, Two Tree Management, Year, Moveon.org Voter Fund

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