Home Works III: A Forum on Cultural Practices

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Date/Time: 11/01/2005 12:00 am

Home Works III: A Forum on Cultural Practices
April 8th to 15th, Beirut, Lebanon.
Organized by The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts – Ashkal Alwan
In its third edition, ‘Home Works: A Forum on Cultural Practices’ is one of
the premiere international cultural projects hosted, bringing together
artists, writers, intellectuals, filmmakers, architects, critical theorists and
It provides an unprecedented platform for critical exchange, literature,
performance, installation, and the visual arts. Participants from Lebanon, Syria,
Palestine, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Iran, Great Britain, Croatia, Italy, and the
United States will be engaged in a variety of multidisciplinary
interventions. In its first two editions, Home Works has managed to reveal the strength of
home-grown expression, affirming the region’s and its diaspora’s cultural
At the beginning of February 2005, you will receive the definitive program
for Home Works III. The itinerary will include lectures, panel discussions, film
and video screenings, exhibitions, performances, installations and book
Attendance is, as always, open to all and free of charge.
For further information, please contact ashkalalwan@terra.net.lb
The Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, ASHKAL ALWAN is a non-profit
organization based in Beirut, Lebanon. Since 1994, it has been involved in
developing art practices crossing a range of disciplines and media in Lebanon and