In the Private Eye

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Date/Time: 09/02/2008 12:00 am

January 18 ˆ February 29, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, January 18, 6-8pm
Curatorial talk with a performance by Nin Brudermann: Friday,
February 8, 6-8pm
Participating artists :
Nin Brudermann
Carlos Motta
Trevor Paglen
Dannielle Tegeder
Anna Von Mertens
Amy Westpfahl
Curated by Yaelle Amir
ISE Cultural Foundation is pleased to present In the Private Eye, a
group exhibition curated by Yaelle Amir, and featuring works by the
artists Nin Brudermann, Carlos Motta, Trevor Paglen, Dannielle Tegeder,
Anna Von Mertens, and Amy Westpfahl.
These six artists continuously challenge the conventions of artistic
practice, as they adopt an investigative approach to give form to
matters that are either inherently obscured or altogether overwritten
by time. Aided by modern technology that affords them unlimited access
to information˜they seek to unearth truths that illuminate various
aspects of our current reality.
Doubling as researchers, scientists, historians, or detectives, these
artists are prompted by far-fetched clues and minuscule details buried
in the vast and peculiar nature of our culture. Over time, they amass
bits of information, which enable them to construct a visual narrative
that bears both individual and collective implications. By employing
bold and unconventional methods, they ultimately broaden our
understanding of historical, cultural, and scientific issues. A
celestial pattern, a desolate weapon-testing facility, a forgotten
cemetery, a deserted cabinet, a combat training school, and mysterious
disappearances of individuals˜have all led to the development of each
of the six comprehensive projects included in this exhibition.
With curiosity and motivation serving as the artists’ catalyst to delve
further into diverse realms, these works expose a history of a place,
an object, or a life˜thus making visible that which could have
otherwise remained permanently concealed.
This exhibition is accompanied by a full color brochure.
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