Jean-Daniel Pollet — MÉDITERRANÉE

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Date/Time: 31/10/2008 12:00 am

by Jean-Daniel Pollet
Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003


1963, 45 minutes, 35mm. In French with projected English subtitles. Made in collaboration with Volker Schlöndorff; ed-ited by Jackie Raynal; text by Philippe Sollers.
“[Here] Pollet made a work that is the very definition of what French critics like to call an ovni or ufo (as in ‘uni-dentified filmic object’)…. [It] has been described as being ‘like a comet in the sky of French cinema,’ an ‘unknown masterpiece,’ and an ‘unprecedented’ work that refuses interpretation even as it has provoked reams of critical writ-ing. Its rhythmic collage of images – a girl on a gurney, a fisherman, Greek ruins, a Sicilian garden, a Spanish corrida – is accompanied by an abstract commentary written by Sollers, and only the somber lyricism of Antoine Duhamel’s score holds the film’s elements together. At first viewing, you fear that [it] might fly apart into incoherent frag-ments. Instead, over the course of its 45 minutes it invents its own rules, and you realize you’re watching something like the filmic channeling of an ancient ritual.” –Chris Darke, FILM COMMENT
1964, 9 minutes, 35mm. In French with projected English subtitles. Text by Alexandre Astruc.
Pollet’s hypnotic visual study of the Greek archaeological site whose Doric temple, constructed by Ictinos and dedi-cated to Apollo, is one of the best preserved from Greek Antiquity.
Total running time: ca. 60 minutes.
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