“Jeremy Hardy Vs. The ISraeli Army”

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Date/Time: 15/05/2003 12:00 am

“Jeremy Hardy Vs. The ISraeli Army”. By Leila Sansour.
Where: The New School
Swayduck Auditorium, 65 Fifth Avenue (btwn 13th/14th streets)
$5-10 suggested donation (no one will be turned away)
British comedian Jeremy Hardy makes a rash decision to travel to Palestine
in March 2002 just before the invasion of Bethlehem and the siege of the
Nativity Church. He joins the International Solidarity Movement campaign to
protect Palestinian farmers against the hostility of settlers but finds
himself caught up in the events of the invasion. He decides to return later,
but this time – in a manner of speaking – to take on the Israeli army.
Directed by Leila Sansour.
Direct Action Palestine (DAP) is a New York coalition formed to support the
work of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) and other
Palestinian-led groups based in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. We
organize activists to travel to Palestine, provide training, and raise money
to provide scholarships to offset expensive travel costs. All money raised
from this screening will help New York activists travel to Palestine to
participate in the International Solidarity Movement’s Freedom Summer
“We are used to greeting news from the Middle East with a mixture of outrage
and apathy. Global horrors enrage and disempower us at a stroke. This film
demonstrates how, if you care enough, you can engage yourself in the most
complex and frightening of international issues, and do good. For most
viewers, myself included, this is a shocking and inspiring revelation.
The film stands to become a key document in the new political engagement, as
spearheaded by Naomi Klein’s “No Logo”, and demands to be seen.
‘William Sutcliffe
“Funny, moving, humane and, at times, terrifying, Leila Sansour’s film is
both an impressive record of events and a quirky attempt to intervene in
an international calamity. It depicts a desperate situation without ever
falling prey to despair – on the contrary, it is uplifting and
inspirational.” ‘Geoff Dyer
“Bored of the home-front campaigning-comedy circuit? Fancy putting the wind
your daughter? Why not try an International Solidarity Movement adventure
holiday in the Occupied Territories? Experience bullets ricocheting at your
feet; charge batteries at a besieged Bethlehem hotel; bus medical
trough blockade lines, and face off an Israeli tank… Hardy’s spring 2002
WestBank Jolly was solicited by the director who records his slow conversion
from furrow-browed sceptic, muttering about the vainglory of ISM volunteers,
to fully signed up comrade-against-arms… It’s an honest and sympathetic
endeavour that offers another angle on this interminable injustice.
Time Out – London

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