John Menick, Jenny Perlin, Annemarie Jacir and Emily Jacir@ Artists’ Space

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Date/Time: 22/04/2006 12:00 am

April 22nd, 4:30 pm John Menick, Jenny Perlin, Annemarie Jacir and Emily Jacir
Associated – Jenny Perlin
16mm, b/w, sound, 12:25, 2006
Filmed at my neighborhood corner store, a former Associated supermarket, from opening to closing on July 4, 2004 (Independence Day, U.S.). One roll of 16mm film shot every two hours or so reveals little except the unchanging patterns of the 14 hour workday. Interview with owner Charles Leem reflects on the history of his store and his favorite musicians.
like twenty impossibles – Annemarie Jacir
35mm, color, 17 mins, 2003
Occupied Palestine: A serene landscape now pockmarked by military checkpoints.
When a Palestinian film crew decides to avert a closed checkpoint by taking a remote side road, the political landscape unravels, and the passengers are slowly taken apart by the mundane brutality of military occupation. Both a visual poem and a narrative, like twenty impossibles wryly questions artistic responsibility and the politics of filmmaking, while speaking to the fragmentation of a people.
The Disappearance – John Menick
single-channel video installation ,7:26 mins, 2001-2002
This video is a cinematic research taking the form of a location scouting for a film to be shot in Nuremberg. Location scouts are employed by film productions to find sites for the shooting of a film. They take photographs of a location and write commentaries on the suitability of that site for the given scene.
The movie itself is a fictional production that will not be filmed. It is a narrative about a detective investigating a disappearance. A video presentation of locations in the city is shown with an audio soundtrack describing the possible usage of the sites, as well as how they evoke the city’s history.

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