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Date/Time: 01/09/2004 12:00 am

September 1st 2004
8:10 am – 8:30 am
The Unemployment Line
New York, New York
The line will stretch from the corner of Broadway and Wall Street up to 31st Street and then west along 31st street to 7th Avenue (right across from Madison Square Garden)
Phone Contact
(212)420-0440 x27
Topic / Issue
People for the American Way; the Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues and Ideas; New York State AFL-CIO; and other groups
Don’t let the Convention be the only statement New York City makes that week: stand up and be heard!
On Wednesday, September 1, THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE, a symbolic unemployment line representing the 1.2 million jobs lost overall since March 2001 and the more than eight million Americans who are currently unemployed, will wind through New York City. More than 5,000 citizens, each holding a pink slip, will form a line stretching from the corner of Broadway and Wall St., up to 31st St. and then west along 31st St to 7th Ave. – right across from Madison Square Garden and the site of the Republican National Convention. The line is being organized by People For the American Way; The Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues, and Ideas; and the New York State AFL-CIO.
Sign up by filling out this form. Click here to support this event and our other work with a contribution.
Why an unemployment line?
THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE will focus public attention on the effects of current economic policies:
1.2 million jobs lost since March 2001 – the greatest sustained job loss since the Great Depression
8.2 million currently unemployed
32,000 jobs created in July: the fourth consecutive month in which the pace of job growth has slowed, and well below the 150,000 monthly pace analysts say is needed to keep up with population growth
How will it work?
The event – a brief, silent, and potent statement – will take place on September 1, beginning at 8:13 am and ending at 8:31 am. (We will assemble earlier.) Our purpose is to bring attention to current disastrous economic policies, not to create confrontations or hazards. Because the unemployment line will run single file along the sidewalk and will not block pedestrians or intersections, no permit is required; the NYPD has given their okay.
Who’s organizing it?
THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE is being organized by People For the American Way; The Imagine Festival of Arts, Issues & Ideas; and New York State AFL-CIO, among others. We invite other organizations and individuals to join us for this historic event. Organizations can “adopt” a block; approximately 50 participants are needed for each block.
The message is clear and will resonate throughout the country. Extensive media coverage is anticipated as THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE draws the nation’s attention to the effects of current economic policies.
How can I and/or my organization get involved?
Sign up to join THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE: participate as an individual, with friends, or as an organizational co-sponsor.
People For the American Way will contact you before the event with specific information on when and where to meet on the morning of September 1.
For further information, contact Molly Lombardi at (212) 420-0440 x18.