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Date/Time: 11/03/2006 12:00 am

About Bluestockings

BLUESTOCKINGS radical bookstore
172 Allen Street @ Stanton (1 block south of Houston)
212.777.6028 http://www.bluestockings.com/
You will not be turned away from an event
at Bluestockings for lack of $
Saturday, March 11th @ 7PM – Free
Presentation: Listening to Friends and Occasionally
The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest presents a
slideshow exploration of creative responses to
militarism coupled with a discussion of their
participatory, small group magazine production. Based
in LA, The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest is a forum
for the consideration of critical and creatively
engaged art practices – both historical and present
day – and provides an ongoing meditation on radical
cultural. The Journal seeks to fill the vacuum left by
the defunding of small institutions, the increasing
academicization of political and art education, and
the ensuing commodification and spectacularization of