Labor Notes – Forum on Labor in China

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Date/Time: 22/03/2007 12:00 am

From union organizing victories at Wal-Mart to sweeping proposals for
labor law reform, major changes are on the horizon in China. Please
join Labor Notes and New York Jobs with Justice for a discussion of
these dramatic developments March 22 in New York City.
China is wrestling with the consequences of more than two decades of
stunning economic growth. No where are the challenges more clear than
in the arena of workers rights. Across the country millions of
workers, particularly migrants from the Chinese countryside, work
under brutal conditions. Denied even the most basic legal
protections, these workers have been at the center of many
high-profile confrontations with government leaders, foreign
businesses, and even the official trade union movement. A recent
proposal to strengthen Chinese labor law-particularly for migrant
workers-has provoked fierce resistance from corporate giants like
Wal-Mart, Dell, UPS, Nike, and AT&T.
Speakers at the March 22 event will include Liu Cheng, a law professor
at Shanghai Normal University who played a major role in developing
the proposed changes to China’s contract labor law. He will discuss
what these changes mean for the future of worker rights in China.
Ellen David Friedman, a union organizer in the U.S. for over twenty
years, will also speak at the event. Ellen recently returned from a
six month stay in the Perl River Delta region of China and is now
active building ties between labor activists in both countries. She
will discuss the significance of these developments for labor
activists in the U.S. and what local activists can do to promote
grassroots international solidarity.
The March 22 forum will be held from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at the
Amalgamated Lithographers of America, Local 1-L. The forum will be at
the Lithographers local’s 3rd Floor Conference Room at 113 University
Place, on the corner of 13th and University. For more information, go
to http://www.labornotes.org/events/chinatalk or email

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