Magic Lantern Cinema @16Beaver: The Remake Show

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Date/Time: 19/01/2007 12:00 am

A selection of contemporary video work that concerns itself with the process of remaking historical documents and thematizes recasting and revising in an effort to render visible and audible the resonance between the past and the present.
FEATURING: What Farocki Taught by Jill Godmilow (30:00, video, 1998), Intervista by Anri Sala (26:00, video, 1998), Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) Screed #29 by Sharon Hayes (3:00, Video, 2003), Telegraph by Jesal Kapadia (3:30, video, 2005), That’s Not My Memory of It: Three Recollected Documents by Speculative Archive (25:00, video, 2003), Notes by Jenny Perlin (3:20, 16mm, 2006).
This evening is curated by Paige Sarlin and is part of Magic Lantern Cinema, a series of experimental film and video screenings that takes place in Providence Rhode Island every three weeks. This series was founded by Ben Russell in 2003.
For more information about Magic Lantern Cinema go to magiclanterncinema.org.

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