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Date/Time: 27/04/2005 12:00 am

Attention Radical Artists!
CALL FOR ARTWORK to be published in a new book.
Deadline: October 31st, 2005
Reproduce and Revolt!: Radical Graphics for the 21st Century
Edited by Josh MacPhee
Soft Skull Press
Reproduce and Revolt! is a graphic toolbox to be launched into the hands of
political activists. The book will contain over 300 new and exciting
high-quality illustrations and graphics about social justice and political
activism for activists to use on flyers, posters, t-shirts, brochures,
stencils or any other graphic aspects of political campaigns. All the
graphics will be bold and easy to reproduce, in addition to being open
source/anti-copyright. The book will come with clear instructions on how
to best utilize the images so as to improve the graphic qualities of
political campaigns. It will also contain a short history of political
graphics, an archive of political flyers and posters throughout history,
as well as information about and a bibliography of further reading for all
of the social justice issues the art will cover.
I am now collecting submissions of graphics, illustrations and art for the
book, which will be published by Soft Skull Press in late 2006. I will
chose for the book according quality of the image, reproducibility, and
how well they convey the issues. Not everyone’s submissions will be
included. I will also be attempting to craft the book to represent the
output of as diverse a group of artists as possible, across gender, race,
nationality, sexuality, ability, etc. Reproduce & Revolt! is not intended
to be a who’s who of well known and successful political artists, this
call is open to all levels of artists.
This is my second book with Soft Skull Press (www.softskull.com). My
first, Stencil Pirates: A Global Survey of Street Stenciling, was released
in July 2004. Stencil Pirates has gotten great reviews and is currently in
it’s third printing.
Here are the specifications for the images:
? Black and White/Greyscale.
? High Resolution: either original artwork on paper or high res digital
images, minimum 600 dpi for greyscale, 1200 dpi for line art.
? A minimum of 6 inches x 6 inches.
? All mediums are accepted (various forms of printmaking, drawing, digital
design, collages, etc.). The main factor is reproducibility.
Here are the catagories the images should be about (there will inevitably
be overlap between the categories, these are simply guidelines and
suggestions to help clarify and spark inspiration). In addition, the book
will contain graphics in support of positive activities and graphics in
opposition to negative aspects of the world, these are both included below
(in alphabetical order, not order of importance!):
? Anti-Authoritarianism (including anarchism, hierarchy, direct action,
mutual aid and more)
? Anti-Racism (including racial equality, institutional racism, attacks on
youth of color, white privilege and more)
? Counter-Globalization (including corporate control, IMF, World Bank,
WTO, capitalism, austerity, world debt, alternative economies and more)
? Education (including privatization, self-education, free schools,
liberatory pedagogy, urban inequalities, military recruitment and more)
? Environment (including environmental justice, environmental racism,
endangered species, animal rights, earth liberation, deforestation, strip
mining, water rights, bio-tech, organics, community gardens and more)
? Feminism (including women’s struggles, wages for housework, equal pay
for equal work, equal rights, gender discrimination, women’s liberation
movement, sexual assault, men against sexism and more)
? Government (including bureaucracy, taxes, anti-cop, police brutality,
elections and more)
? Health Care (including disability, mental health, AIDS, access,
abortion, aging and more)
? Housing (including public housing, gentrification, private ownership,
abandonment, homelessness and more)
? International Solidarity (including connections with movements around
the world, borders, mutual aid, national liberation, Zapatista support,
indigenous solidarity and more)
? Labor (including unions, work slowdowns/stoppages/sabotage, strikes,
bosses, anti-work, economics, maquiladoras, sweatshops and more)
? Media (including media control, media consolidation, independent media,
pirate radio and more)
? Prisons (including prison reform, prison abolition, racism in the
criminal justice system, the death penalty, political prisoners, stopping
the construction of prisons, torture, sentencing discrepancies and more)
? Protest (including marches, protests, direct action, pickets,
plowshares, armed actions and more)
? Queer Liberation (including gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, and bisexual
struggle, gender binaries, queer bashing, sexual liberation and more)
? War (including anti-war, imperialism, militarism, state terrorism, war
tax resistance, nuclear weapons,

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