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Date/Time: 23/04/2004 12:00 am

–Fra: “Festival der Regionen” http://www.fdr.at/fdr/fdr05/downloads/EINREICHUNG_2005_engl.pdf --Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 6 June 2004, Duration of Festival: --June / July 2005 --Law, order and other systems of regulation are integral components of --societies and thus their cultures. As unambiguously established --normative systems or as temporary social conventions subject to --continual change, they shape everyday life, politics and culture. Laws, --usages, customs, moral precepts and artistic canons may be constantly --put into question, but their existence is an undisputed part of living --together. Universal human conventions as well as local or regional --peculiarities are revealed in them. From local rituals and formulas for greeting up to catalogues of human --rights, present-day law-and-order policies and aesthetic categories --present a complex spectrum in which cultural practices are embedded --along with the most inconspicuous routines of everyday life. Utopian --potentials are also often based on ideas of order just as much as they --oppose them. They give rise to controversial debates, theoretical --discourses, artistic strategies and cultural dynamics. The --transdisciplinary practice of the Festival of Regions thus provides an --ideal framework for questioning these concepts. --The Festival of Regions is interested in projects in art, science, --everyday culture, politics and related cultural areas which are --concerned with the present-day significance and forms of laws and --social --orders in their respective social environments and is inviting --interested individuals, groups, cultural initiatives, associations and --institutions to submit proposals for projects. --International participation, interdisciplinary co-operation and --proposals for collaboration are expressly desired. Special emphasis is --put on projects which demonstrate a direct connection with specific --local situations or which will be realized in direct communication --and/or with the participation of the general public. A well-balanced --representation of projects from women and men is aimed at. --In line with the theme, one of the regions of focus for the Festival of --Regions 2005 has been defined as the region of Böhmerwald near the --borders of Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. This region is --characterized by new structures and changes in the most recent past. --One --or several additional focal regions will be decided upon based on the --results of the proposals submitted. Cultural initiatives are expressly --invited to make a submission with project proposals outside their --immediate area of work. --The Festival of Regions is one of the largest contemporary festivals of --culture in Austria. It has been taking place every two years since 1993 --at decentralized venues in the federal state of Upper Austria with its --capital, Linz. At the interface between art and everyday life, the --festival's projects involve the general public in the discussion of --social, political and artistic questions. Outside the centres the --Festival of Regions connects contemporary cultural work and forms of --art --with local traditions, histories and their peculiarities. --Who can make a project proposal? --Anyone with an idea on the theme: individual artists or artists --collaborating in a team, laypersons and professionals, individuals --working in the area of culture and society, initiatives, associations --or --municipalities, no matter whether they are from Upper Austria or not. --Who will select the projects? --The board of trustees and the director of the Festival of Regions with --the support of an independent advisory council. The decision will be --made whilst excluding recourse to legal action. --How will projects come about? --The initiators of selected projects will be invited to make their ideas --more concrete and to present the financial planning in more detail. The --collaboration between the project's initiator and the Festival of --Regions will be laid down in a contract which specifies the mutual --rights and obligations. As a rule, the development and realization of --the project will be the responsibility of the project's initiator. The --Festival of Regions will assist this development in an advisory --capacity; it will provide resources and will guarantee a major part of --the advertising. --Where can I get advice? --A detailed presentation of the Festival of Regions and its individual --projects can be found at www.fdr.at. All potential project initiators --who have an idea or a local starting-point and are looking for a means --of artistic implementation should contact the festival team, which will --be glad to give advice. This applies also to project authors who have --an --idea adaptable to a region and are looking for production partners. --What should the project proposal include? -- The project's ideaDescription of this idea, its realization and the planned timetable --for realizationDemonstration of the connection with the festival’s themePresentation of the project’s authors and initiatorsA concise short-description of the project (1,000 characters) -- Organizational frameworkThe project’s initiators, e.g. association, organization, etc.Timetable for project development and realizationProject director including address, telephone number and e-mail --addressPlace of realization or presentation insofar as this is already known -- Rough financial planWhat expenditure will be incurred (artists’ fees, costs of materials, --rents, social security levies, advertising costs, etc.?What income can be expected (admission, sales and other proceeds, --contributions from municipalities and sponsors, etc.?What amount (difference between income and expenditure) is the --Festival of Regions expected to contribute? --The project proposal can be submitted in either English or German. --Miscellaneous --The Festival of Regions cannot accept any responsibility for the --documents submitted. The rejection of a proposal does not give the --authors of the project any claim on the Festival of Regions or any --other --persons acting on behalf of the Festival. In particular, the Festival --is --not liable for any expenditure which the authors of projects have --incurred with a view to their potential participation in the Festival. --Submission --The project proposal should be sent by mail in 12 copies (Din A4) or by --e-mail in the preferred format of a PDF file up to 2 MB and should be a --maximum of seven pages long. Additional materials cannot be taken into --account. --Festival of Regions, Marktplatz 12, A-4100 Ottensheim or office@fdr.at --Tel: +43(0)7234 85 2 85, Fax: +43(0)7234 85 2 85-4, www.fdr.at --Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 6 June 2004 --Duration of Festival: from the end of June to the beginning of July --2005 --Who is organizing the Festival of Regions? --An independent association called the Festival of Regions with support --mainly from the State of Upper Austria, the arts section of the Federal --Chancellor's Office of the Republic of Austria, the city of Linz and --individual financial sponsors. --The association’s board of trustees is composed of Uli Böker, the mayor --of Ottensheim and cultural worker, Claudia Hutterer, cultural --communicator, Karin Rumpfhuber, music journalist and advertising --writer, --Doris Weichselbaumer, economist at the Kepler University of Linz, Josef --Ecker, cultural director for the state of Upper Austria, Siegbert --Janko, --cultural director for the city of Linz, and Christine Schöpf, from --Austrian Radio in Upper Austria. --Festival director: Martin Fritz