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Date/Time: 26/04/2004 12:00 am

DIAGRAM is an electronic magazine of text, art, schematic, and (as of recently) sound. Aside fromour
online presence (which receives well over 30,000hits
a month), we publish a periodic print anthology
(available through Amazon, our website, and fine
bookstores) as well as a chapbook series.
Throughout its monthly 2004 issues, DIAGRAM will
publish audio art exploring the intersection oftext,
language, sound. This is a call for
artists/musicians/writers working in sound tosubmit
audio pieces for consideration.
Please take the time to peruse the journal priorto
submission. Submissions may include fieldrecordings,
abstraction, spoken word, electronic or acoustic
music, [insert any other shorthand description of
sound exploration you please], or any combination
thereof, so long as it addresses in some way, our
interests: In oddness. In representations. Innaming.
In indicating. In the way that meaning happenswithin
rule-governed systems. In schematics. In thelabeling
and taxonomy of things. In the phenomenal distance
between sound and source. In sound work thatengages
in dialog; takes language or poetry or narrativeas
its subject, object, or referent, master orservant;
addresses the language at the morpheme, phoneme,
handsign, lips and tongue-level. WE VALUE theinsides
of things, vivisection, urgency, risk, elegance,
flamboyance, work that moves us, language thatdoes
something new, or does something old–well. Welike
iteration and reiteration. Ruins and ghosts.
Mechanical, moving parts, balloons, and frenzy.
WE WANT sound pieces that engage the mechanics of
meaning/poetry; the processes / of things, bothinner
and outer; of sound-image, confused, manipulatedand
otherwise; pieces that demonstrate rather then
explain; point and uncover rather than demolish;how
things become. How they expire. How they move or
churn, or stand. Send us sound analogous to
annotations, schematics, poems, sentence diagrams,
definitions. Translate into/from sound.
Please adhere to the following instructions when
submitting work for consideration. Also, whileour
aesthetic and conceptual interests are broad,
submitted work must seek to engage or address
text/language in some way.
Submissions must be received by May 31, 2004.Please
limit pieces to
3-4 minutes in length. Audio vignettes and cameos.
We prefer electronic submissions (mp3) but willaccept
data files on
CD-Rs, too (.wav, .aif, or high resolution stereo
Send zipped high resolution stereo mp3 files to
All submissions should be accompanied by a brief
artist’s bio and a ‘statement of intent’addressing
the sound work.
Sound Art Submissions
c/o Shannon Fields
497 Sixth Avenue, 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11215