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Date/Time: 10/02/2005 12:00 am

Culture War Now!! (please foward widely)
The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is looking to promote actions, images,
projects, and ideas that thrive in spaces of refusal by embodying
alternative ways of being.
A function of art is to shape consciousness- a truth embodied demands
reality structure itself around it. The Fascists’ Agenda will not win
because it cannot erase all un-conforming bodies. Images of refusal expand
collective ideas of truth and possibility.
O‚ heretic- what discoveries have you made? Perform your difference, our
otherness. You experience the sublime in places other than death. We want
your living gay agenda. Show us how you don’t need their foreign oil.
Illustrate your day-to-day diet for a new america. We want to see the means
by which you live otherwise.
The truths we live refute the notion that George Bush‚’s own God created the
universe for him to run. While they believe….
-endless war creates freedom
-the goals of global capitalsm should dictate social policy
-love is only between a man and a woman
-resource depletion and waste are the driving forces of a functioning
… we know otherwise.
If it is a culture war they want then shall we fight!
All media, actions and performances will be considered.
Contributions will be published online or in our pocket sized book (ideally
fitting on one or two pages). Please consider these formats with your
Questions/problems: contact(at)journalfofaestheticsandprotest.org
Submissions must be received by 3/15/05
Email to contact(at)journalofaestheticsandprotest.org
self-addressed, stamped envelope to JoAP 3424 Council Street LA, CA 90004.
Please enclose your contact information.
The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is a site for critical and creative
inquiry and, now, incitement.
In print it is distributed internationally and online it is available at
a civic park not a cop headquaters for downtown LA.


Questions? Ask us