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Date/Time: 24/05/2004 12:00 am

Media Art Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
*Please forward this attachment to all interested parties.
According to the Habermas’ definition of public space, it is a place where the citizens can discuss issues without state’s interference, in other words, it is a space which functions only if there is free speech and freedom of expression.
But what if this concepts are not functioning? Where will the public space disappear? In Soviet times kitchen became a place where underground discussions were going on and the alternative thought was formed. So, kitchen became public space (if we follow the definition of Habermas). Nowdays, media claims having the role of bringing out an alternative discourse and for being a carrier of democracy and civic values. So, media became a virtual public space. What will happen when the physical public spaces (squares, parks, etc.) collide with virtual public spaces (media art, media communication –TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile)? Will they confront each other or co-exist peacefully bringing mobility and activating the urban life. The works will be displayed on digital screens in cafes and major public squares in the major squares in Yerevan as well as they will be projected on buildings. This is an attempt to redefine public space, which is commercialised and overloaded with advertisements, and with the help of virtual public space (media) to create an open space for discussions and communication without boundaries and obstacles.
The International media festival Public-Media-Space invites media artists and theories to meditate over these issues. The media art festival will take place at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art (NPAK in Armenian acronym) in Yerevan from July 23rd to August 1st , 2004.
We hope with your cooperation and assistance to extend this in the future and make it into an annual event.
ACCEA has a large space, with exhibition halls, work studios and two stages for theatre and movie screening, in addition to these we have a variety of equipment; projectors, TVs, computers. All of these will be available depending on use. We can provide you with assistance and some working materials. In order to involve the public and to contribute to the dissemination of information on World trends in art, digital works will be displayed in public and out-of-exhibition spaces (outdoor cinemas, digital advertising billboards, giant screen in the Independence Square (in front of the Opera House) etc. in Yerevan.
Submission Requirements for artists
1) Personal Information: name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone, fax and short CV.
2) A brief description of your work/project in Armenia (approximately 300 words).
3) Technical requirements/ Media.
The deadline for the submission is June 25, 2004. Materials can be sent via post or e-mail. (All texts should be in Microsoft Word, pictorial materials in JPG, TIFF, GIF or MPG formats).
You will be notified about whether your work is accepted or not by 1st July, 2004.
You are highly encouraged to apply and attend the festival personally. Unfortunately, ACCEA is not providing travel grants for international participants. You are responsible for your own travel costs.
However, if you can not attend the festival personally, we would be glad to accept your work and to display it during the festival.
For additional information please do not hesitate to contact us, or visit our website; www.accea.org
Angela Harutyunian
Eva Khachatrian
Curators and the project coordinators of the festival,
Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art,
1/3Pavstos Biuzand Blvd., Yerevan, Armenia
Tel.: (+3741) 56.82.25
accea@netsys.am , accea@accea.org