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Date/Time: 03/08/2004 12:00 am

greetings to all freecooperators, associators, makers of common goods, community organizations, networks of all kinds, cultural collectives,
organized, self-organized or anti-organized
hosts and distributors of collective intelligence
monsters, outlaws and those who love them
below and attached is our call for contributions —
please consider helping out with this initiative
and/or spreading the word. so far we have invitations from 3 generous and
hospitable venues willing to temporarily host us, and can travel the
collection fairly easily. our first space will be open
the first week of november in florida and serve as a
breeding ground for action during the US elections. i
can be reached via email
or directly on my cell any time
Dear friends
If you are engaged in collective practice, we would love to hear from you!!!
Open Call for a traveling archive and nomadic meeting-place on collectivity and
critical collective/cooperative cultural action. We need your contributions !
First stop:
Oliver Gallery, Tampa FL
November 2004
We are gathering materials on collective and cooperative forms of creativity, critique, resistance, intervention, scholarship and artistic production. In November, the archive will be available to the public in its first phase as a room/public space/lounge/resource center/production space/meeting place at the Oliver Gallery in Tampa FL. We do not limit the ways in which the archive, and the space temporarily housing it, may be used or may serve as resources. Our multi-purpose room will be open 24 hours a day, we have available internet-linked computers, VHS and DVD players (NTSC and PAL), a growing collection of paper resources and reference material, books, pamphlets, print-outs, Xerox copies, photos, posters…and free water and coffee. We will have viewing, seating, lounging, napping and play areas. We also hope to provide a free Xerox machine and free CD’s for copying information. The room will be available to local teachers and community organizations with no space of their own, collaborative projects in need of production space and local bands in need of rehearsal space.
Our archive will travel to other spaces willing to host it and be open for public use. Information/materials will continuously be solicited and added. If you are engaged in collective practice, we would love to hear from you. Please share with us any material that speaks to your work: from documentation of projects to reflections on the dynamics of cooperation
Any of the following can be extremely useful sources of information or reference for your work:
o url’s
o digital material: CD’s, DVD’s, digital files (text, video , image, sound; we can
arrange for uploading and downloading to our server)
o printed materials (books, catalogs, magazines, pamphlets, posters, coasters, zines…)
o reproductions (Xerox copies, photographs, slides, computer print-outs..)
o documentation of your work in any format, from text to audio recordings of phone
interviews with us
o letters, emails, postcards
o objects
Please send materials to:
Rozalinda Borcila
Visual and Performing Arts, FAH 110
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620, USA
Postmark deadline: September 15th
Questions, comments? please contact Rozalinda Borcila borcila@arts.usf.edu .
This project is only part of the larger, on-going effort to learn about,
historicize, understand and make public different forms of critical collective
intelligence. We are also soliciting materials on the various attempts to theorize
collectivity. For each installment, our growing collection will be restructured and
recategorized.. We seek to connect with related initiatives to share information,
resources, experience and energy.

Questions? Ask us