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Date/Time: 03/06/2004 12:00 am

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City Council of Venice
The City Council of Venice announces an international competition for the creation and realization of two works of art to be installed in the new building complex of the Law Courts of Venice. The competition represents the first phase in a large project for contemporary art in new architecture and is sponsored by the City Council of Venice, in accordance with the Italian percent for art law.
The new Venice Law Courts complex is located in the area of the ex-Tobacco Factory in Piazzale Roma, Venice, Italy. The architectural project involves restoration work, as well as the construction of completely new structures. The building complex will become the new seat of the judicial offices of Venice, presently located in various buildings throughout the city. Besides public hearing rooms, offices and various service structures for law officials and workers, the project includes various public spaces which will be open to the city.
The Venice City Council competition announcement involves the realization of two works of art, characterized by a different method of selection and by different artistic interventions. The first section is for open participation. Artists, or groups of artists, will be selected on the basis of their applications and curricula and will be responsible for elaborating a project for the entrance hall, which is the access point for the entire Law Courts building structure and located in the interior of a new building. The building’s architectural plan and construction is currently underway.
The second section of the competition is reserved for renown artists to be selected directly by the competition’s jury. The artists will be asked to intervene, in collaboration with designers and architects, in elaborating an area, which is currently in the process of being defined. The area is roughly an open square on which face the various buildings of the Law Courts complex.
The prize for participation in the open section is euro 20,000.00, plus an additional euro 180,000.00 to cover the costs for the realization of the work or art.
The prize for participation in the reserved section is euro 50,000.00, plus an additional euro 170,000.00 for the realization of the work of art.
The competition jury is composed of the following representatives: the City Council of Venice; the Superintendence; the President of the Venice Court of Appeal; the Designers of the Venice Law Courts; Marco De Michelis, Scientific Director of Competition; Carlos Basualdo, Curator; Michelangelo Pistoletto, Artist; Angela Vettese, Art Critic and Margherita Guccione, Director of the Architectural Sector of DARC (Head Office for Contemporary Architecture and Art of the Ministry of National Heritage and Culture).
The complete competition form is available on the Venice City Council web site, at http://www.comune.venezia.it/gare
For further information please contact the technical secretariat, Architect Franco Gazzarri at
tel. +39 041 2748527, fax +39 041 2748663, e-mail franco.gazzarri@comune.venezia.it
The deadline for applications for the open section of the competition is the 28th of June 2004.
The City Council of Venice, San Marco 4136, Venice, Italy
Head Office for General Affairs, Competitions and Contracts / Competition services and contracts
(tel. +39 041. 2748546)
Venice, Italy
Competition for works of art
Area of interest:
Art in Architecture and Public Art
Information and contacts:
Competition technical secretariat
Head Office for the Design and Execution of Work
Architect Franco Gazzarri (tel. +39 041 2748527 – fax +39 041 2748663)
email: franco.gazzarri@comune.venezia.it
Head Office for General Affairs, Competitions and Contracts:
Ms. Rossana Trabucco (tel.+39 041 274 8058)
email: rossana.trabucco@comune.venezia.it
Web site:
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