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Date/Time: 15/04/2004 12:00 am

Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art, is pleased to invite you to apply for a
unique opportunity to invest in your artistic development. Aljira (www.aljira.org)
has entered into a partnership with Creative Capital Foundation
(www.creative-capital.org/whatwedo/pd).. We have developed and will conduct a
three-seminar program focusing on Strategic Planning that will take place between
May and November of 2004.
For the past five years, in keeping with Aljira1s mission the Emerge program has
assisted artists with accomplishing their goals by offering training in career
issues. The Creative Capital Strategic Planning Seminars are designed to deliver
skill-building opportunities to diverse communities of artists across the country.
The goal of this program is to help artists organize, plan and sustain their
creative careers.
The Strategic Planning Seminars will introduce you to a step-by-step process to help
you identify, acquire and build skills needed to reach goals for individual projects
and/or career objectives. As you articulate your project and career goals more
clearly, you are better able to move forward and use each successive project as a
career-building catalyst. Strategic planning also provides a framework to organize
the concepts of marketing/public relations and fundraising. The seminars will
emphasize two primary skills: the ability to communicate clearly and effectively
about your work and the ability to target appropriate audiences and funders.
These workshops will be facilitated by professional consultants and trained Creative
Capital-funded artists, giving participants the benefit of the consultants1
considerable experience in their fields and the artists1 personal perspectives and
experience with workshop content.
These seminars will take place on May 22, August 7 and November 13, 2004. They are
designed over a period of time to allow participants to practice the skills that
they have learned between each seminar, build toward greater competency, and promote
reflective practice.
· All applicants must commit to participating fully in all three of the seminars
· The format will include lecture style presentations, interactive group activities,
and individual and two-person exercises.
· Participants will be encouraged to address leaders with questions particular to
their experiences and will be given the opportunity to discuss these questions with
leaders individually and in small working groups.
· Participants will be given a workbook of handouts with practical, how-to information.
· Participants will be asked to evaluate their experiences at the end of each
seminar to assist Aljira and Creative Capital in understanding the efficacy of the
program and continue to develop and refine it.
The program can accommodate only 24 artists and therefore selection will be
competitive. Applications will be reviewed by a three-member peer panel. All
applications are reviewed based on the following criteria:
· Artistic merit
· Strong communication and interpersonal skills
· Stage of career and degree of readiness for engaging in strategic planning
· Potential for these seminars to have a long-term impact on your career
The application consists of four items:
1) Your Contact Information: Include your name, street address, city, state, zip
code, phone, fax, email.
2) Narrative: You may use up to two 8 1/22 x 112 single-sided pages. Clearly label
the top of each page with your name.
a) Describe your work as an artist. Include information about its form and
content and how you engage audiences.
b) What do you want your career to look like five year from now?
c) How do you think these seminars will help further your career?
3) Resume
4) Work Samples: Six slides and an accompanying slide identification sheet, or a
videotape cued to the portion of the work you wish the panel to view.
Your application must be in our office by April 30, 2004. We cannot accept late
applications, fax or
e-mail submissions. Applicants will be notified of selection by May 10, 2004.
Strategic Planning Seminars
591 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102-4403
Please email Beth A. Vogel, Director of Program Development at bvogel@aljira.org.